7 Contemporary Ways To Create An Attractive Living Room Using Geometric Shapes

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Geometry has long been a critical part of interior design. From enabling smaller rooms to appear more spacious or giving mundane décor a unique dimension, geometric shapes have stepped in to save the day. The good part about angular shapes and designs is that they can be incorporated into flooring, artefacts, upholstery and more.

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Here are seven contemporary ways you can leverage the advantages of geometric figures in your living room.

Opt For A Quirky Wood Floor Pattern

What’s not to love about wood flooring? This all-weather flooring option can be used to give your living room a quirky dimension by adopting different wood flooring layouts and patterns. Inlaid parquet, herringbone, Chantilly parquet, and basketweave are some of the many layout options you can explore depending on the size and shape of your living room floor. Exercise caution in choosing the right design, for it can make a small room look even smaller.

Design An Angular Storage Unit

Play with your storage unit by having several angular storage options at different levels. Ditch the typical storage structure for slanting shelves that are ideal for books, ashtrays, or some quirky artefacts. While this zig-zag style of storage can be quite overwhelming to look at, you can get it right by letting it be the focal piece in the room. Avoid any other fixture that is too busy or crowded, and let this angular storage unit take centre stage complete with books, cutlery, photographs and more.

Choose Accent Circular Lighting

Lighting is a versatile element of living rooms that can be leveraged to create gorgeous geometric silhouettes in your living room. Invest in lighting with acute dimensions that not only promise a brighter throw and reach but also lend an eye-catching décor element to your living room. Angular contemporary chandeliers, pendant lights, hexagon LED light fixtures, globe lights and axis lighting are some of the many geometric light fixtures to explore. Choose one primary lighting fixture that grabs all the eyeballs and surround it with subtle complementing light fixtures. Having too many designs or different structures can make your living room look too crowded. Let there be only one hero and several supporting fixtures.

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Play Up Your Wallpaper

Gone are the days when wallpapers were required to be understated and neutral. From elegant Victorian prints to monotone glossy surfaces, wallpapers have evolved from subtlety to sure-shot attention stealers. Geometric lattice designs, brick-on-brick prints, stripped prints, eclectic designs and harlequin prints among many others, geometric print wallpapers have truly arrived and are here to stay. In an era of monochromatic living rooms with understated and minimal furniture, wallpapers are the true blue-eyed boys to add some colour, dimension and character to the living room. Homeowners are also experimenting with origami prints, Thibaut designs and metallic elements on their wallpaper. There’s truly no dearth of breathtaking wallpaper designs in geometric prints!

Choose A Dimensional TV Unit

TV units are quintessential necessities in a living room. Conventional TV units have now evolved to become full-blown entertainment units that are the perfect addition to any common area. If you are blessed with a fairly spacious living room, crown it with a long TV unit. Not only does this throw up extra storage space, but a long rectangular TV unit can also add a unique geometric dimension to the space. Opt for a high-gloss polyurethane finish for a clean and contemporary look. A floating TV unit adds to the idea of minimalism and makes for a pretty addition to any modern living room.

Invest In The Right Artefacts

Artefacts help uplift a mundane and drab living room without making structural changes. They are also a great way to infuse your personality and bring your living room to life without spending a fortune. Metallic wall décor with geometric shapes, pedestal lighting in squares, spherical figurines, fractal art and wall paintings are some of the many types of artefacts you can use to spruce up your living room. While these items require a certain taste and preference on part of homeowners, there is no denying that these artefacts will steal the show in your living room and prove to be conversation starters with all your guests.

Makes Your Drapes Do The Work

Drapes are a great way to spruce up your living room on a budget and introduce the element of dimension and geometry without spending big bucks on permanent fixtures such as tables and wallpapers. Choose drapes in attractive colours and quirky prints that can make geometric prints work for you. for a smaller living room, choose small-scale patterns that repeat on the fabric, as large shapes can make the room feel more cluttered. Small-scale geometric prints on drapes can add character to a compact living room without eating up all the limelight of the space. Triangles, concentric circles, and abstract shapes work well to create a silhouette with geometry at the realm.

Wrap Up

We hope the above ideas give you plenty of inspiration to design a breathtaking living room!

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