The Best Method Of Attracting New Patients To Your Dental Clinic

Dental clinics are traditionally busy places, there are more people needing dentists than dentists to go around. Alongside this, approximately 16% of the population have a fear of the dentist. It’s estimated that two million Australians delay or skip the dentist.

The Best Method Of Attracting New Patients To Your Dental Clinic

Surprisingly, this fear can make it difficult to attract patients to your clinic, and, at some point, you’re going to need them. That’s why you need to know how to attract new patients.

Have A Refit

We live in a digital world. Images of professional establishments are generally of shiny, highly technological places. Take a look around your dental waiting room, does it look cutting edge? If not then you need to speak to the specialists in dental fitouts. The moment people step into your clinic they should feel comfortable, and like they are stepping into a luxury hotel or somewhere similar. High tech places illustrate the approach you take to dentistry. This inspires the patients. It can also help them to relax and deal with dental anxiety. You should add digital aids and internet connectivity, this will ensure your clinic appeals to the younger generation, that’s your future customers.

Get yourself Known

There is little point in having a stunning clinic if no one knows you exist. Yes, you can advertise in magazines, on the internet, and even on the radio or television. But the best way for local people to get to know you is to contact your local newspapers and radio stations and ask if they need a local expert. Your role will be to spread important and factually correct information to the public, via the radio or newspaper. This gives people the advice they need, shows the paper cares about locals and raises your profile. If people recognize your name from the radio they will give you a try.


You can offer your existing customers incentives to recommend a friend. For example, tell your existing customers that if they recommend a friend and they sign up to use your dental clinic, the existing patient will get a free checkup. You’re certain to get some interest this way.

The Best Method Of Attracting New Patients To Your Dental Clinic - reception


Alongside using your existing patients, make sure you attend as many local events as possible and give out freebies. Toothbrushes, floss, and even key chains are all great at reminding people of who you are. This will encourage them to try your services the next time they need a dentist.

Build A Blog

Most people remember a name for a short period. If you tell everyone your name most of them will have forgotten it by the end of the day. But, if you build a blog and put useful information on it, people will read your blog daily. This will encourage them to use you when they need a dentist.

Look After Your Patients

Despite the increased interest in digital technology, many people still rely on word-of-mouth to locate services. You need to look after your existing patients. Give them friendly and professional service. This will encourage them to recommend you to others without you having to do anything!

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