Are Hanging Scales Accurate?

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A bathroom scale works by placing the object you want to measure on the top of a platform. On the other hand, hanging scales, otherwise known as crane scales, have hooks to suspend the object in midair and measure its weight. They have a variety of purposes. For example, you need the best portable luggage scales to ensure you don’t go over the airline’s weight limit if you travel frequently.

Are Hanging Scales Accurate

If you’ve ever used one of these, you might be wondering if they are actually accurate. The method of using them just doesn’t seem very reliable. We’ll let you know whether or not they show you precise measurements.

The Different Types of Hanging Scales

Knowing whether or not a hanging scale is accurate requires that we learn about its different categories. Generally, all hanging scales fall under two categories: analog or spring and digital hanging scales.


Analog hanging scales are composed of different components. The hook, where you hang the object you wish to measure, and the housing, holding all the different parts of the scale. The latter should be extremely durable as the scale often receives a lot of pressure from the object’s weight. The third part is the face, where you will see the measurement. Lastly, you have the internal mechanism, which consists of springs and other essential parts. This part is what allows the scale to measure the weight of the object.


Digital hanging scales are more advanced than their analog counterparts. They are almost the same as an analog scale since they also have hooks. However, digital hanging scales use electronic load cells and digital displays instead of springs and a dial. As such, digital hanging scales display their measurements that include up to the ones or tens decimal point. They are easier to read and can freeze the display screen after obtaining the object’s weight. This allows you to gently drop the object to the floor and still have the measurement displayed on the screen.

Are They Accurate?

The most important question we need to answer now is if hanging scales are accurate. Well, it depends on what type of hanging scale you’re using. Analog hanging scales are not very reliable. Since they don’t have electronics, they tend to keep changing the measurement reading of the object when it moves in midair. You may have to manually calculate the average weight measurement or find a way to keep the object stable. Digital hanging scales are far more accurate. Some of them can independently calculate the object’s weight even if it fluctuates because of its movement. Additionally, some digital scales have built-in electronics that freezes the display to show you the reading after the object stabilizes, even for just a few seconds. They are also lightweight, easy-to-pack, and an important item whatever your travel needs are.

Are Hanging Scales Accurate - luggage scale

How To Ensure an Accurate Reading on Your Hanging Scale

Sometimes, the accuracy of your hanging scale is affected by how you use it. If you don’t do it properly, you can almost guarantee that you won’t get an accurate reading. To prevent that from happening, follow these steps whenever you use your hanging scale.

1. Set To Zero

The first thing you need to do is to set your hanging scale to zero. Some digital hanging scales will automatically display zero on the measurement when you turn them on. Still, if you just measured a different object, make sure that you set it to zero first before using it again. If you’re using an analog hanging scale, you have to ensure that the arrow points to the zero mark.

2. Attach Scale To the Luggage

The next thing you need to do is to attach the scale to the luggage. Most hanging scales have hooks that can accommodate most luggage handles. If it doesn’t fit, try and look for a strap in your home. Loop the strap into the handle of the luggage and attach it to the scale’s hook.

3. Lift for at Least Five Seconds

The most important part is the lifting stage. To do this, hold onto the scale and lift it along with the luggage. Make sure that you do this step slowly. Lifting the luggage too quickly may cause the scale to register more weight. If the luggage is too huge, look for a higher platform like a chair. Leave the luggage on the floor and lift the scale with your back. Leave it hanging for five to ten seconds until the reading stabilizes.

The Hanging Scale’s Accuracy Matters

Probably none of us want to pay overweight baggage fees at the airport. This unnecessary expense could easily be avoided by having a hanging scale. You want to make sure that it’s accurate. A digital hanging scale is an essential tool to have in your arsenal for all your luggage and other objects’ weighing needs.

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