Are Air Filter Media Rolls Washable?

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Air filters are one of the main layers of protection against dust and other harmful particles like mold, but they need to get changed periodically to keep working properly. HVAC systems and ACs all require different filters. Homeowners with washable filters don’t need to worry about changing filters, so they won’t spend money replacing dirty filters. Filters differ depending on the manufacturer.

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The main differences are:

  • The quality
  • Material
  • The shape of the filter
  • The different types of protection they offer

One of the main characteristics of a filter that buyers will check is whether the filter is washable or not. Washable filters are convenient because they are cost-effective. To find the best air filter media rolls and discover if they are washable or not, you can browse this catalogue to learn more.

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Washable Air Filter Media Rolls

Air filter media rolls are washable, which is a characteristic of the material they are made of. They are made of polyester and synthetic fibers that are resistant to water. Those media rolls need to be resistant to water and durable too. Durability is a must because they need to be brushed or twisted to remove all the dirt. It is also recommended to use some detergent or other cleaning products when washing them. They might be a bit more expensive than one-time use filter rolls, but they have a high return on investment. Regular filters must be changed around 2-3 months, depending on where the homeowners live. A washable media roll does not need to be changed so often, so it saves money. These are not the only characteristics of this type of media role.

Other Advantages

Air filter media rolls are also resistant to chemicals. If the freon in the AC leaks, it will not damage the media rolls immediately, as with paper air filters. Any oil leaks from the fan or compressor will not stick to the media roll as they would to other types of filters. The air will still be able to flow, and the filter will not need an immediate replacement. The protection they offer is not only against dust particles and mold but also against small insects, leaves, or branches. A media roll filter does not break easily, even after being washed many times or being hit by objects. Media rolls are flexible and can be cut with ease. This is important because media rolls are usually bought in bulk and can be cut to fit exactly where they need to be. There is also the option to get the seller to cut them according to your needs. Sometimes this might be better since some use laser cutting technology, which is highly accurate.

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