Appliance malfunction water damage

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Nowadays, many top-notch appliances are available in the market, which makes our life comfortable. We can simply get our daily chores done using a dishwasher, washing machine, water heaters, etc. Appliances like air-conditioners and refrigerators can easily make temperature regulation. Although these appliances have a bundle of advantages, they may sometimes lead to chaos in our household.

Appliance malfunction water damage

If there is any glitch in any of these appliances, they may lead to short-circuiting, water damage, or fire damage. National Flood Insurance Agency issued a statistical report stating that more than thirty per cent of artificial flood incidents are due to appliance malfunctioning. This indicates that water damage incidents can be controlled significantly if this issue is resolved. If any water damage incident occurs, without any delay, we must get engaged in fixing it.

Common appliances that lead to water damage due to malfunctioning are:

1. Dishwashers

Usually, if anyone feeds excess or any incompatible detergent into the dispenser of the dishwasher, it starts malfunctioning. You can prevent this by carefully going through the instructions given on your manual about the amount and the composition of the detergent to be used. Hardware components like gaskets, hinges, and latches may loosen over a period of time; you can tighten them or replace them so that they don’t lead to water leakage.

2. Washing Machine

Washing machines are driven by water; in return, they are capable of producing very catastrophic water damage. With time, the movable parts of the washing machine get worn out, they need proper maintenance to work smoothly. If you fail to regularly lubricate the movable parts or answer to the other maintenance issues, the washing machine may start malfunctioning and lead to severe water damage issues. Certain debris clogs the drainage canals and the pipes of the machine and leads to leakage or bursting of pipes in severe cases. Use a lint trap to handle this situation. Never overload your washing machine because that may also lead to water damages.

3. Air Conditioners

Mostly the issues in the working of the air-conditioners are due to any glitch in the drain-pipe. Water drops start dripping from the appliance and come in contact with the electrical wirings to create a short-circuit; this may lead to severe water damages or house fires. You may prevent this by installing a backup drain-pipe.

Appliance malfunction water damage - AC line leaking

4. Refrigerator

Usually, when you defrost your refrigerator, water leakage takes place. The main factor responsible for this is a clogged defrosts drain. Generally, food residues or dust particles get stuck into the drainage pipe and inhibit the drainage into the pan. Due to this, the pan overflows, and water begins to drip outside the refrigerator. To avoid such scenarios, regularly clean the defrosting pipe and the pan with the help of a tensile wire or flush it with warm water to clear the blockage.

5. Electric Water Heater

In this, the appliance that can cause the maximum is the water heater; according to the statistics, many house fires have taken due to the consumer’s negligence while using a water heater. You must regularly examine the water inlet and outlets, the drain valve, and the cylindrical tank regularly.

If any of these appliances start malfunctioning, they lead to severe secondary damages. This can be prevented from your end by arranging regular inspections frequently, at least every two months. And if any abrupt malfunction occurs, do not waste time and wait for these situations to worsen, call for the electrician immediately and if water damage has occurred, immediately call the water restoration company.

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