Five Amazing Mattresses for Hot Sleepers

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Being a hot sleeper can get really frustrating. You toss and turn, throw the blankets off but you still don’t feel comfortable enough to sleep. Instead, you wake up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat. Now, you may think that there’s no solution to this and that you’ll have to suffer this way, but you’re wrong. One of the best methods for managing your hot sleeping tendencies is to get a suitable mattress. There are several mattresses that have been created especially for those who are hot sleepers, and buying one of them is bound to solve your sleeping problems.

Five Amazing Mattresses for Hot Sleepers

If you want an idea about the kind of mattress to buy, keep reading to know our suggestions. For options more like this, you can also take a look at other reviews and online stores.

Helix Midnight Luxe

“Helix Midnight Luxe” is a fancy name, right? Well, it’s actually quite befitting because it’s a fancy mattress. This mattress is made of an outstanding gel-based memory foam, which keeps you cool and comfy. In fact, the material soaks away excess body heat and evenly spreads it out, thus preventing you from feeling hot and sweaty. It also has an amazing coil layer which supports the body. This mattress is especially great for side sleepers, as the lumbar support of this mattress is off the charts. However, this is quite an investment, with a pretty high price tag.

The Pod

The Pod is a one-of-a-kind creation by Eight Sleep, a leading mattress manufacturer that is constantly looking to push the boundaries of mattress making. This mattress is “smart”, meaning that you can lower or increase its temperature through an app. You can set what kind of temperature you want on which side, and you can even schedule temperature changes. There are no words to describe how excellent this is. It also has good firmness and gives great support to the body. However, the reason we ranked it second is that it is pretty expensive and a seriously large investment.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

Named the top cooling mattress on several sites all over the net, the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora has made our list as well. Its cooling abilities are a force to be reckoned with. Made with cooling gel as well as cooling beads, this mattress stays cool even in the hottest summer days. The unique materials which make up the mattress help it adjust to your body temperature so that you are as comfortable as can be. Other than this, it has an amazing firmness as well as a coil system that keeps your body supported. This is definitely on the costlier side, which is why we’ve placed it lower.

Five Amazing Mattresses for Hot Sleepers - brooklyn bedding aurora

Bear Hybrid

Our fourth choice is the Bear Hybrid mattress, a uniquely made model which comes with cooling gel memory foam that keeps you cool and fresh throughout the night. Although memory foam on its own is warm, the cooling gel keeps its temperature lowered. So you get the comfort of memory foam, without the warmth. Other than that, it also provides great support and molds itself to the shape of your body. It also has an amazing coil system, which prevents the bed from shaking if there’s any movement, making it a great choice for couples or families.

Nectar Lush

If you want affordability along with premium features, the Nectar Lush is the one for you. Similar to the one already mentioned, the Nectar Lush is also made of cooling gel-infused memory foam. So, it provides both cooling as well as comfort. It gives amazing body support as well, especially for those who tend to sleep on their backs. Sleeping on your back can lead to severe joint aches, but by providing pressure relief and adequate body support, the Nectar Lush mattress manages to keep your posture right. However, if you’re a stomach sleeper, it’s best to stay away from this as it might be a bit too soft and plush for you.

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