Air Security: A Crucial Step since Covid 19

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Covid 19 came up suddenly out of nowhere and made havoc throughout the world, causing fatalities and making people lose their loved ones. Throughout the world during the pandemic, air and oxygen became even more crucial elements for humans. Air security and air sanitization is now the first and foremost activity that each one is paying attention towards. Moreover, since our usual activities and products used in daily life have already deteriorated the air quality, the covid 19 added fuel to fire.

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Here are some of the major impacts of Covid 19 towards hampering the air quality of our atmosphere.

Deterioration of Air During Pandemic

Since everyone already knows how air quality was already at its low and air sanitization had already been decreasing at an alarming rate. Some of the factors for such issues have been deforestation and air pollution. To these already existing issues, covid 19 introduced the spreading of viruses into the air which ultimately made it even more harmful adding to its existing threats. Moreover, according to different studies, Covid 19 posed an even bigger threat in countries and places with polluted air.

According to the data by WHO, air pollution is the 4th greatest risk for humans in an environmental scan. With Covid 19, the risk of mortality was increased by 11% and increased transfer of viruses by 1% through contaminated air. Hence, all the factors before and during covid 19 pointed towards harmful air security for both indoor and outdoor air, but paid a major impact on the indoor air! Let us know why?

Covid 19 Impact on Indoor Air Sanitization

The air surrounding our closed areas and enclosed surfaces of the atmosphere consists of indoor air. Since most of us spend more than half of our day indoors and are surrounded by indoor air, one has to be conscious of indoor air security. Since indoor air already tends to be harmful to humans due to several factors like the presence of moulds in closed air and other factors like smoking, covid 19 has become another leading factor for its pollution.

But how is indoor air more harmful due to covid 19? Here are the points leading to degrading indoor air safety due to covid 19.

  • Places with poor ventilation systems encourage the growth of Covid 19 virus and allow them to spread and multiply quickly due to air stagnation. Hence, it leads to the deterioration of indoor air.
  • Since staying indoors means involvement in several basic activities like talking and laughing leads to the usage of respiratory fluids which is the main carrier of different viruses just like covid 19. Hence makes indoor air more contaminated.
  • indoor spaces when getting crowded pose a bigger threat of spreading not only covid 19 but other different types of viruses as well.

The outdoor air still gives an edge over fresh air but if not taken seriously about air safety, indoor air can become a threat to your life.

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Protection Against Indoor Spreading of Covid 19

With the emerging technologies, we can ensure our indoor air security. People have the option to select different useful products like ionisers, purifiers, and air security devices for maintaining the air quality of different indoor spaces you care about. Some of the options are available below.

Air Ionisers & Air Security Devices

Air ionisers are devices that control air by releasing negative ions which are invisible to the human eye. These negative ion particles attach themselves to harmful suspended particulate matter and make them heavy and hence making them lie down on surfaces like walls and floors or indoor areas. One can use such air ionisers which are available extensively throughout the Indian markets. Some of these technologies accessible in markets are bipolar ionisation and ionisers fans of companies like Kent and Dyson.

The benefits such ioniser systems provide are listed below.

  • Helps in increasing the immune system of the human body which is a must needed factor due to the covid 19.
  • Helps in the elimination of moulds and viruses inhabiting indoor spaces.

Air security devices are another option that works almost the same and helps in ensuring air safety in the indoor space. Air security devices from companies like Freshcraft help in releasing negative ions in the atmosphere, ultimately making them too heavy to stay airborne.

Features of Tenshield air security devices are listed below.

  • Helps in the elimination of bad odours along with viruses and bacteria from indoor spaces.
  • Has a low power consumption and is portable and hence can be carried to different spaces as per your need.
  • It also can forbid the growth of moulds and spores in indoor spaces.

Air Purifiers

The major work which Air purifiers make is by working on filtering the atmospheric air which enters the closed areas. They work towards elimination of any harmful content present in the air. There are several companies like Dyson, LG and Kent who produce fine air purifying machines which work on maintaining the air quality of your home. Some of the features for air purifiers are-

  • Layers of filtration are present which ensures better air quality for the users.
  • Removes every possible germs present in the air.

One can avail for these features according to their requirement and need of the space they are used to being.

End Note

With the pandemic posing a great threat to the well-being of mankind, people should take up steps to ensure breathing safe air. With the devices available in the market, people can ensure breathing of qualitative air with the devices available with the latest technologies in India and prevent themselves from getting into the hands of covid 19.

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