Crucial Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for a Cool Summer House

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Summer is not the time to struggle with AC problems. Learn about air conditioner maintenance to keep the house cool all summer long. You consider yourself to be quite the handyman so why not take on your own air conditioner maintenance? Regularly maintaining your air conditioner will allow it to last longer so you don’t have to continue to pay out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for costly repairs.

Crucial Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for a Cool Summer House

Continue reading this article and we will share the most important tips for maintaining your AC.

Must-Know Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

You don’t want to deal with plumbing and heating issues so maintaining your systems properly is a must. Some simple ways to keep your AC running smoothly can be overlooked but don’t worry — we’ve got your back.

  1. Replace & Clean Filters

Don’t overlook replacing and cleaning your AC filters. Failing to replace and clean filters in a timely manner can make your AC less efficient and even cause damage to the system.

Depending on the type of filter your AC has, it may be able to be reused. Make sure you don’t try to make a disposable filter reusable because it won’t work as it should.

  1. Check Your Evaporator Coils

If you’re taking proper care of your filters then you won’t get too much buildup on your evaporator coils but after some time, it is going to happen. Check your coils every year to make sure they are still clean and functioning properly.

  1. Check Coil Fins

Your coil fins can bend easily so you need to make sure they aren’t in the way and obstructing airflow. If you do find that your coil fins are bent and in the way, you can purchase a tool called a fin comb that will put them back into place.

  1. Cover Your AC for Winter

If you’re not going to be using your AC during the winter, you should cover it and keep it protected. The less the AC has to deal with the elements, the better shape it will be in over time.

  1. Check the Insulation

If your insulation isn’t working properly, you’re not getting the best results out of your AC. If you notice that you have rotting insulation around the AC line, you could be wasting energy. It’s an easy fix since you can measure the AC lines and then cut the insulation as necessary.

Learn How Your System Works

The above tips are great for any system but you should always learn about your specific system and how it works. You may need to do something a little differently depending on how your system is set up. If you have a room AC, you know you’re going to have differences from a central AC but there are also differences from one central AC to the next.

Keeping Your Home in Great Shape

Now that you know these simple air conditioner maintenance tips, why not learn some other great tips to help you with your home? Navigate through our site and pick out your favorite sections to bookmark to come back for more great reads.

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