Useful Air Compressor Maintenance Tips From The Pros

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Air compressors need routine maintenance to ensure their performance. Some parts of the air compressor require daily inspection while others need to be checked depending on often you use the device. 


There are different types of air compressors but these easy tips will come in handy for all of them. 

Tip 1: Read The Manual/ Guide Book 

When you choose your budget-friendly air compressor you must know that there is a manual tagged the “owner’s manual”. The manual is for you as it guides you on how to set up your air compressor and points out things you shouldn’t do.  You will find easy tips that will save you the stress of having a handyman’s number on speed dial. Following the rules in the manual makes your warranty more valid. So read the owner’s manual and follow instructions.

Tip 2: Clean The Vents 

The intake vents determine how your air compressor works. When the air compressor is being forced to intake air through the vent, it can be damaging. The intake vent needs to be cleaned regularly. It also needs extra care when you work in a dusty environment. The cleaner the intake vent, the better the machine works. 

Tip 3: Check Hoses

What is an air compressor with a bad hose? It’s like a body with a damaged vein, it definitely will not function properly. Always check the hose for leaks. If a hose is cracked or damaged, replace them with new ones. A damaged or leaking hose puts a strain on other parts of the compressor and this restricts the function. 

Tip 4: Check Air Filters Regularly 

If the air filter is spoilt, it only makes your air compressor take dirt in from the outside. Always check your air filters and when they need to be changed, go ahead and change them. The need to change your air filter depends on how often you use it. If there is heavy dust or dirt build-up, get it changed immediately because it affects the air the compressor releases. Six months check-up intervals can do the trick 


Tip 5: Clean The Fuel Tank 

The cleanliness of the fuel tank determines how other parts of the air compressor function. While doing this, you should also check for oil and air leaks. There should be a daily check of the oil level. The engine of the compressor needs to be checked at least once a year. Checking these parts of the machine and removing residual build-up in the engine will preserve the life of the air compressor.

Tip 6: Clean Heat Exchangers 

The temperature of the air compressor matters. The heat exchanger reduces the operating temperature of the air compressor. It functions better when the temperature is cool. a dirty heat exchanger hinders how well the air compressor works. Not only does a dirty heat exchanger limit the performance, but it also reduces the lifespan of your machine. 

Bonus Tip

If your air compressor has issues, the best step to take is to hire an expert repair company to handle the issue. Trying to fix it on your own might cause more damage. Parts of the air compressor require periodic services to avoid breaking down. Always check the air filter, oil filter, belts and fasten any nuts that need to be tightened. Servicing your air compressor and taking the right maintenance tips will increase its performance. 

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