6 Affordable Fence Ideas for Your Yard

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You would have to agree that fences in the yard form an integral part of the overall architecture of your house. If you look at your home as a book, the type of fences you put up can be considered the cover. People can expect to shell out anywhere between $1,600 to $4,000 for putting up a new fence in the US, with the national average cost being $2,839.

6 Affordable Fence Ideas for Your Yard

Fortunately, there are many options out there, and the cost varies based on factors such as length, height, thickness, and even material used for the fence.  Do it right, and a fence will protect your house and add to your property’s appearance. If you have ever wondered what materials can be used for a fence or the best wood for fence is, read on to find out.


Wood has been the most preferred fencing option since the early settlers first came to this nation and continues to be so to date. The most preferred types of wood for this purpose are cedar, redwood, cypress, and pine. But if you want the best wood for a fence while keeping in mind the affordability factor, pine and pressure-treated wood varieties are your best bets. Companies that provide pressure-treated lumber treat them with synthetic chemicals for protection against pests and fungus, making them an excellent choice. However, wood isn’t the only fencing material available. Some alternatives to wooden fences are listed below.


Vinyl fencing is a relatively costly affair, but only in the short run. It was not a very popular choice of many homeowners as they tended to sag or turn yellowish after a few years. But recently, there have been many advancements in vinyl fences that can give you a chic and durable barrier around the yard. Durability and maintenance are the two factors that make it a cheaper option in the long run to set up a vinyl fence. For maintenance, all you are required to do is wash it with a mild detergent occasionally or rinse it using a garden hose. Once properly installed, vinyl fences can last a lifetime.


Privets are the go-to choice for people who prefer living fences, as compared to other materials. Privet hedges have dense foliage that can provide adequate privacy in the backyard as well. Starting from four feet, these semi-evergreen shrubs grow up to 10 feet in height. However, if you decide to go with privets, you should know that their leaves and berries can be poisonous to animals and humans. They can also need trimming more than three times a year, owing to their spectacular growth.

6 Affordable Fence Ideas for Your Yard - privacy fence

Spotted Laurel

If privets are not your cup of tea, then this might be a perfect option for you. They don’t have any poisonous fruits or flowers, so it is perfectly safe to install if you have children or pets. In addition, its green leaves with yellow spots bring a vibrant look to your house. Even if you live in a seaside area with salt-laden winds or are exposed to heavy pollution, you can still opt for spotted laurels as they can thrive in both conditions.


Bamboo tree fences can splendidly complement many modern home designs and are extensively used by home decorators. It can also work well if you’re trying out a Zen or minimalistic outlook. It is important to remember that bamboo trees can grow anywhere between 10 to 50 feet. Therefore, it requires careful consideration to decide what would be the ideal length for your yard. Alternatively, you can buy pre-cut bamboo poles to suit your needs.

Wattle Fence

If you have a family, building this type of fence together can be a great bonding activity. Additionally, it is a very cheap and sturdy option, which adds a medieval, rustic look to your yard or garden. Wattle fences are created by horizontally weaving thin branches of trees with intermittent vertical wooden shafts for support. There are various other affordable options out there that you can try out. Whatever material you select, it might be worthwhile to talk with multiple companies to secure a better deal.

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