Advantages Of Having A Tiny House

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In the US, the average size of new houses in 2014 exceeded 2,400 square feet, according to a report by the United States Census Bureau. Even though the large houses trend is growing, many Americans are looking for a smaller place to live in. People are buying tiny home kits from their local manufacturers and setting up a tiny house for themselves.


Those who have additional space in their yards are now building a studio, play area, home office space, in-law suite, ADU, and a cabin on it using affordable tiny house kits. People living in tiny houses have greatly benefited from them; their lives have changed for the better in multiple ways. Some advantages of tiny homes that are worth noting are:

Lowers Your Expenses

A full-sized house is much more expensive to build as compared to a tiny house. On average, you can build your tiny house for $23,000, according to The Tiny Life. On the other hand, a traditional house will cost you around $272,000, which is more than ten times costlier than a tiny house. Tiny house owners can easily cut back on their housing expenses. The money saved can be used for traveling or can be added to your retirement fund. You will be able to afford more luxuries by cutting the cost of building a large house.

You Will Not Have To Deal With Mortgages

As buying a typical home is quite expensive, most people have to take out a mortgage. A mortgage will add to the house’s long-term cost. For example, at a 4.5% interest, the overall cost of your home rises to $482,000 if you take out a 30-year mortgage on it. As per reports by The Tiny Life, 68% of tiny house owners have complete ownership of their place.

Your Energy Usage Will Reduce

Along with costing less upfront, tiny houses are also cheaper to maintain than a typical house. Your waste disposal, water, fuel, and electricity bills would be much lower. You can use a small wood stove to heat the entire space or a small solar array to power your tiny house. This will also help you in living off the grid. If you have a composting toilet in your tiny house, then you can break down waste without having to attach your place to a sewage system.

Gives You The Freedom To Move

As tiny houses do not need large plots of land, they are easy to set up. Additionally, as many of these tiny homes are built on wheels, you can take them along with you when you move to a new place. This way, you will not have to sacrifice the comforts of home while you are traveling to another place.

You Can Maintain Them Easily

It is a lot easier to take care of your tiny house as you will not have to maintain many appliances. Also, since your house is small, you will not have to spend a lot of time and energy cleaning it. As chores will not occupy you too much, you will be able to devote more time to your relationships, hobbies, and work.

More Uses Of Tiny Houses

You can also use your tiny house as your private office. This way, you will not have to hunt for a house or an expensive corporate space to rent. Working from a traditional home could be difficult as many things can distract you from your work. A tiny home office will give you the seclusion required to focus on work. You can easily build a tiny office in your yard if you have enough space. BOSS Tiny House offers the Shell Plus kit, a modern and improved tiny house shell kit that makes DIY tiny home building process simple. This tiny house kit comes with a limited warranty of three years. As the tiny house shell is affordable, it will not put a strain on your budget. Nevertheless, you can take advantage of their Tiny House Loan for an easier financing option. With a tiny house, you can embark on a simpler life without any hesitance.

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