Abu Dhabi, step out of the shadows: the capital’s undervalued real estate market

This was determined by history that Dubai is the most popular resort in the UAE and the most preferred city among the expats. And Abu Dhabi and all its advantages stay in the background. When purchasing houses in the United Arab Emirates, a potential migrant is considering exactly Dubai’s luxurious districts and residential complexes. Is Abu Dhabi worse in terms of quality of life and opportunities provided?

Abu Dhabi, step out of the shadows

Not at all. And we will prove it to you.

Abu Dhabi – the territorial “giant” of the Emirates

The capital of the UAE occupies more than 85 percent of the country’s territory. This is the richest territorial entity of the state, because it contains more than 90% of the country’s oil. There are famous cultural heritage sites, world-renowned entertainment complexes, masterpieces of architecture and educational institutions, whose diplomas are quoted all over the world in the city. In addition to this, there are comfortable housing, prime business centers and leisure destinations on the coast of the Persian Gulf. More recently, Abu Dhabi was not of interest to residents of other countries due to the fact that housing here could not be purchased in the form of absolute ownership. However, since 2019, such an opportunity has appeared: now there are freehold zones in the capital of the UAE.

The real estate market characteristics in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the most populated cities in the UAE. Of course, it cannot compete with Dubai, however, according to the Statistics Center Abu Dhabi, it is a million-plus city: as of 2021, more than one and a half million inhabitants live in it. Moreover, only 15 %of the population are the Arabs from this number, the rest are the foreign immigrants. The competitive advantage of the housing market in the capital of the UAE is its high profitability: net return on investment is up to 8 percent per annum. As a result, the high interest of buyers and investors ensures the further development of the capital’s real estate market. And the more the city develops, the higher the demand and the higher the earnings.

Abu Dhabi, step out of the shadows - real estate

Abu Dhabi Real Estate Market Trends

The following trends in the housing market in the capital of the Emirates should be highlighted:

  • Growing interest in the top range segment: the premium housing is of interest to buyers, and developers, focusing on demand, offer even more properties in this category.
  • Interest in sea-view properties. The maritime focus in Abu Dhabi is better revealed than in Dubai: here the coastline stretches for 700 km, the water and sand are the purest.
  • Interest among the foreigners who choose Abu Dhabi to buy their first residential property abroad. There is an explanation for this fact: a transparent system of legislation, a high standard of living and, as mentioned above, high profitability and quick return on investment.

Of course, one article cannot describe all the advantages of Abu Dhabi. Come and we are sure that you will see the wonderful qualities of this city for yourself!

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