All You Need To Know About Stromanthe Triostar Plant To Keep It Healthy

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If you are a lover of colorful and vibrant houseplants, then you must have come across the Stromanthe Triostar plant. This plant is capable of giving your space a special exotic feeling with its colorful leaves. Its leaves are pointed with a color mix of pale green, cream, red, and magenta. This house plant is seen in most homes with a mixture of colors.

Stromanthe Triostar plant

An amazing part is that this plant can bloom during spring, but it’s rare. However, even when it doesn’t bloom flowers, the plant on its own is colorful enough to improve the aesthetic of your space. You have this plant at home, and you are curious to know more about it to keep it healthy. Below, you’ll learn all you need to know and some helpful ideas to care for your Stromanthe Triostar.

How to keep your Stromanthe Triostar plant healthy

Just like any other house plant, this pleasant plant also needs your effort and care for it to remain healthy and fresh. Plants are living things as well, just like we are, and with little to no care, their health is at high risk.

● Soil

Just like any other tropical houseplant, the Stromanthe Triostar plant also requires properly drained soil to remain fresh and healthy. Additionally, the soil it grows in should be breathable and should be able to retain moisture. So, when purchasing soil for your plant, make sure to do your homework. However, irrespective of the soil you use on your plant, be sure that there are available drainage holes in the pot you would like to put in your Stromanthe Triostar.

● Fertilizing

Of course, the Stromanthe Triostar plant should be fed regularly, mostly during the summer. And to do that, you will need a high-quality liquid fertilizer, made especially for tropical houseplants. In addition, you should be sure that it’s organic and has a considerable amount of nitrogen in it.

A tip? You should consider feeding your Stromanthe Triostar once every two weeks after you have watered it in the warm season. During the winter, you might want to reduce the feeding gap to three weeks. This is because this plant grows pretty fast in the warm season.

● Watering

When it comes to watering the Stromanthe Triostar plant, high maintenance is involved. Again, given that it’s a tropical houseplant, it loves and thrives in moist soil. Kindly note that it loves moist soil that isn’t too dry or too wet. With that said, you should look to water it as soon as you’ve noticed that an inch down is dried. During winter, you can wait until about 2 inches. Watering a Stromanthe Triostar can be tricky and requires a bit of knowledge in that area. Overwatering and underwatering can make the leaves go dry and rusty. So yeah, consistent attention and a routine are needed.

Stromanthe Triostar plants in pots

Common Problems You Could See

Just like any other plant, Stromanthe Triostar also has a few issues associated with it. Concerning these problems, they can be easily fixed. Now let’s look at these problems and how to get rid of them.

● Fungus and mold

Due to its high demand for humidity, the Stromanthe Triostar plant is pretty much prone to mold and fungus. If it lacks a moderate level of humidity to survive, it will display signs like mold and fungus. However, treating this problem isn’t impossible, nor is it a difficult task. Firstly, you should get rid of the mold and fungus with cinnamon powder. With that done, be sure you provide it with an adequate level of humidity.

● Pests

Pests like aphids and spider mites are known to be plant-eaters, and the worst part is, they pretty much love the Stromanthe Triostar houseplant. Again, what attracts these pests is low humidity. Luckily, getting rid of these pests is also an easy task. The best approach is to use an insecticide on these pests, then remove them. See that? As easy as it sounds, however, be sure to handle the level of humidity afterward.

● Maintenance Tips

Let me give you some additional grooming tips to help maintain your Stromanthe Triostar:

  • As said earlier, you should provide it with indirect sunlight. Also, be sure to keep turning the plant every week to ensure all parts have equal sunlight.
  • Consider growing your Stromanthe Triostar in deep pots.
  • Remember to change the pot after about 2 or 3 years. With that done, it will keep thriving.

Finally, another great part is the presence of no known health risks linked with the Stromanthe Triostar houseplant. Unlike some other plants, Stromanthe Triostar is entirely nontoxic and safe for house pets. Stromanthe Triostar is a beautiful aesthetic houseplant, no doubt. All it requires of you is maintenance so that it can remain healthy, and we hope that we have just made it easier for you with this guide.

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