What You Need To Know About Second Storey Extensions

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A home extension tends to be a wonderful way to enhance the present home and add more space. Many home renovations include adding extra space at the ground level. If you want to think bigger, you can consider adding another storey to your home.

What You Need To Know About Second Storey Extensions

Read on to get to know about some things to consider here.

Analyze the current house

Your present house’s configuration along with structure are the guiding points when thinking about a second storey addition. Those who stay in an older timber home on stumps, you will probably need to raise the home then build in underneath. Those who stay in a brick home that is a single-storey one, adding another storey right on top can help. The new level does not need to mirror the size of the present home.

Condition of the home

When considering second storey extension ideas, you need to know the condition that your house is in. If the foundation is not very stable, it may already be finding it tough to hold up the present house. It will not be able to handle an extra storey. Therefore, it is better to get into contact with an engineer so that you can find this out.

Follow rules in the area you stay

There are many local councils which need some building approval prior to starting the building project. It is possible that you may require finalized house designs which will have to be submitted with the application. Find out what the procedure is and follow it carefully so that you avoid any hurdles.

What You Need To Know About Second Storey Extensions - storey above garage

Consider the neighborhood

Those people who stay in some older area which has many heritage-protected homes, certain design codes may be present that need to be followed. This is so that the house renovations agrees to the character of the area. Consider what view will be present on the second storey. Think about window along with door placement. Try and position these so that they keep in mind light, privacy, killer views, etc.

Choose the correct builder

There are many builders in the market that it can be tough choosing the best one. If you choose the wrong one, the whole project can turn out horrific. Select an experienced team that has strong credentials. You can ask trusted people who have had some work done recently to give you recommendations. Take out time talking to the contractor. Ask to see some of the work that they have done so that you can get ideas. Check out reviews of the business.

Getting a second storey can indeed be exciting. You will get much more area in your home. However, if you want the project to turn out right know exactly what you want done. Find a good contractor who you can easily work with. Ask them for a written contract and know how much the project will cost you. You do not want to end up with expenses that you had no idea about.

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