Everything You Need To Know About Room Heaters

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Winters can be quite severe up in the North and hence, to enjoy a healthy, safe and enjoyable winter, it is essential that you invest in an energy efficient heater. A good heater in your house will prevent you from feeling cold and allow you to feel comfy even in very chilly weather. Room heaters are perfect for those who suffer from the cold of winter and require something to stay comfortable and warm.

Everything You Need To Know About Room Heaters

Hence, it is always advisable to invest in cost effective and good quality heaters that will save you from huge power bills. To understand which water heater is the best for you, keep reading this post.

Different Types Of Room Heaters

Before you purchase a room heater, take the time to consider the kind of room heater you require. Usually there are 3-4 types of room heater– fan-forced, radiant and convection. The convention room heater also provides whole room heating while there are other room heaters that can be used to heat up small spaces. The oil field room heaters usually come with an internal fan that also blows across heating elements. Hence, you need to choose room heaters depending on the type of equipment you use.

Heating Abilities

It is essential that you choose a proper heater depending on the kind of room you’d like to heat. If your room heater uses a heating power of 10 watts, you will require a room size of approximately 150 square feet. Along with this, you will also need a room heater that comes with a heating capacity of 150 square feet, you’ll then have a heater that has a capacity of 1500 watt. Even though this idea won’t apply to random heaters, they are also more or less the same. Heating will also depend on other factors: the environment inside or heating technology.

Everything You Need To Know About Room Heaters - vintage room heater


While there’s nothing wrong about wanting warm spaces to live in, always remember that they can’t come at the cost of paying high electricity bills. Many room heaters also don’t have enough efficiency. That’s why you should always look out for room heaters that match your standard of efficiency, have low-wattage, lower energy-saving modes and are also programmable timers so that you can reduce the power consumption and save yourself from paying expensive electricity bills for your room heater.


Apart from the usual types of pollution, noise pollution must also be taken good care of. All electrical appliances also produce excellent sound when they are running. Room heaters happen to be no exception for this. Some also produce more sound and some less, depending on the heater price. Hence, before you buy any room heater, make sure you check the room heater price and check out all the features and how much noise it can make.

In short, before buying any room heater, make sure it is safe, efficient and energy saving. Always go for a room heater that will save you a lot of energy and cost you less expensive electricity bill every month. This will definitely help you heat the room without burning a hole in the pocket.

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