What You Should Know About Marble Countertops

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Marble is a beautiful and elegant countertop material because of its smooth surface and colorful, intricate veinings. For a long time in history, marble is prized as a home ornament, fixture, flooring, and walling. Over the years, marble has become more affordable because it is now easily extracted and transported. It makes marble one of the top materials of choice for bathroom vanity tops and kitchen countertops. While it may be popular, only a few people know much about marble as a countertop material. 

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Before deciding on purchasing and installing marble countertops, it wise to know some pieces of useful information about them. Read on as we share some things you should know about marble countertops.

Marble is Heat Resistant

Looks can be deceiving. A marble may look like a fragile type of rock, but it has remarkable heat resistance due to its metamorphic nature. It is one of the most useful features you will find if you were to check this website or other sites selling countertops and interior decoration materials. Thus, a marble countertop is a versatile kitchen piece, which is ideal for cooking and baking. Its smooth, non-stick surface is great for rolling dough, eliminating the need for a dough or pastry board. 

Marble Has Decent Durability

Another thing you might not expect from an elegant countertop like marble is its durability. This is another benefit of metamorphic rock. Although it is not as tough as quartz or granite, it is durable enough to handle high traffic and regular loads.

It Has Wide Color and Design Varieties

Malleability is another property of marble that has made it a prized stone for ages. It is easy to carve and shape, which is why it is a favored material for sculptures and other forms of art. Thus, when marble is used as a countertop, it can be cut and styled in different ways – as long slabs, as connected pieces, or with eased edges or a bull’s nose edge. Marble also comes in a variety of colors and veining. Only marble has that dramatic depth and veining that is three-dimensional. Laminate, dyed concrete, and other solid-surface countertops could not replicate or reproduce the rich and deep veining of a marble stone. The natural colors and hues make this stone a glamorous part of your home’s interior design.

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Marble is Porous and Can Easily Stain

This is one quality of marble that you must be prepared to handle. A marble countertop needs regular cleaning and maintenance even if its surface is non-stick and polished. Being a natural stone, marble has microscopic pores that readily absorb moisture, and it is vulnerable to staining liquids like wine, juice, and oil. The absorbed stains seep deep into the marble and are difficult to reverse. If you want to keep the colors of your marble countertop to remain as is, you need to immediately wipe off and dry the surface of any spilled liquid. To help maintain the original marble color, you can also apply a quality sealant on the surface or have a professional do the sealing.

Marble Looks Better With Age

As marble ages, it develops a patina or a film or crust that usually forms through oxidation, which has a distinct color or a darker color than the original. It gives more sentimental value to your kitchen, growing old along with you and your home. Many homeowners, real estate appraisers, and buyers appreciate a vintage marble countertop as it shows the history of the house and increases its aesthetic and real estate value. Marble is a versatile, timeless, and elegant decorative stone that you can have at home. A marble countertop is a good idea if you are looking for a countertop material with flexible price, wide design and color variety, and aesthetic appeal. Talk with your interior designer and have your kitchen and your home redefined by the beauty of a marble countertop. If you have more questions about countertops simply browse through our huge collection of tips about countertops.

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