All You Need To Know About Apartment Security

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Do you know what people crave most in their homes? For most people, it is the inevitable security and safety they get at home. Safety can be physical or emotional. Home is the place where you deserve to feel safe, where you know nothing bad can happen. So what do you think you should do to make your home or apartment a haven for you? Having a simple front door lock will no longer work. You need hi-tech devices to fend off burglars and intruders.

All You Need To Know About Apartment Security

It doesn’t matter if you are an owner or a renter, you can always take some extra measures that will make your apartment more secure. Here we have discussed some of the measures that can be taken to secure your apartment.

What Is Apartment Security?

When we say apartment security, it doesn’t only mean securing your apartment from burglars or intruders; it is more extensive. It means securing your apartment from any potential dangers; it might include a break-in, a fire breakout, or an electric short circuit. Installing early danger detection devices such as smoke detectors, motion sensors, carbon monoxide detectors are vital steps to secure your apartment. Apart from these devices, staying alert and living in a safe neighborhood can also be good for your apartment security.

Different Security Devices for Your Apartment

Many apartments come with built-in security systems such as CCTV cameras or smoke alarms. If your apartment doesn’t have one, here is a complete list of security devices that you might need.

Security Cameras

You might think security cameras in apartments are for paranoid people, but you will be surprised how many benefits you can reap from it. Apart from the obvious, deterring the criminals, it can also come in handy for checking on your kids or your pets. With security cameras installed in your apartment, you can see directly on your Smartphone what’s happening at your house. You can also install an integrated security system that feeds the camera footage to a security firm.

To install an integrated security camera or other surveillance systems to your apartment, consider contacting your local electronics and security service provider. If you are living in Richmond, Virginia, you can check out electrician in Richmond Va for their service.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are more effective than a security camera as they provide real-time response. The sensor, triggered by motion can sound an alarm, turn on security lights, or activate a security camera. A security camera connected with a motion sensor works only when it senses a motion; saving you lengthier footage and electricity cost. A motion sensor tethered to light can be used in your front door so that whenever somebody approaches your door, the light turns on.

Panic Button

If you are living in a high crime zone, a panic button might give you an extra layer of security. It is a device that allows you to signal your local security officials or police whenever you are in danger. Although a panic button might seem like an unnecessary security measure, when you are in danger of physical or personal harm, there is no better alternative to it. You can wear this device as a bracelet or necklace or install it in your apartment.

Door Locks

Door locks are often overlooked when it comes to apartment security. Install a deadbolt or sturdy lock to your main door; if there are duplicates to your door key, make sure you know who has it and ask them not to enter without your permission. You can also think about installing smart locks; it doesn’t require a key and can only be cracked with a password. A smart lock can also save you the hassle of getting locked out of the house by forgetting your key inside the apartment.

All You Need To Know About Apartment Security - security door

Video Doorbell

Gone are the troubles of squinting through the peephole to check who is at the door; now you can allow the technology to take over this task. Install a video doorbell that can send notifications and video footage of your door right to your Smartphone. It is a modern version of the intercom system; but being connected with your phone, it works more efficiently. Some video doorbells or smart doorbells can also have facial recognition features, motion sensors, and other smart features.

Key Fob

A key fob can be a smart upgrade from a key. You can install a key fob system to enter your apartment or activate your security system. Many apartment buildings provide their tenants with a key fob as it is more convenient than a traditional key. A key fob uses unique code that can be decoded by a key reader; allowing you to enter only when the reader can successfully read the identification code.

Security Bars

Security bars are probably the oldest and most low key form of security measure. But no modern technology can take its place when it comes to reinforcing your door against an intrusion. A security bar can be of many forms- a simple wooden or metal bar laid horizontally across your door to a portable door jammer. For sliding doors or balcony doors you can use sliding locks to prevent break-ins.

Smoke Detector

If you are renting an apartment, make sure it has an active smoke detection system. Apart from fire, it can also protect you from smoke inhalation. Smoke detectors are affordable and low maintenance but they can be lifesavers. If you want something wireless, you can install a smart smoke detector that also connects to your phone.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

A carbon monoxide detector is another must-have for the security of your apartment. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent toxic gas that is extremely hazardous for your health. Leaks in the pipes or gas stoves can produce CO and can make an enclosed space poisonous. If the carbon monoxide level builds up to a certain percentage in your apartment, a carbon monoxide detector can sound an alarm and alert you.

On a final thought, some might say there is nothing valuable in their possession to get extra security for their apartment. But a burglar might think otherwise. So it is better to get your apartment secured than to find some unwanted break-ins because of your apparent negligence. If you want to boost the security of your apartment,  installing hi-tech devices will be the best option for you. Devices that need codes or passwords are hard to crack and it will be more secure than traditional locks. Make sure all the devices are connected with an alternative power source in case there is a power outage and you don’t want your apartment security to be compromised.

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