6 Things That Make Every Handyman’s Dream

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If you’re a DIY lover, then there are some handyman tools that you must have. These aren’t just the type of tools that appeal to you but also tools to get you out of a jam. The types of tools that are good enough for almost all situations.

6 Things That Make Every Handyman's Dream

If you’re that kind of person, finding the right tools can be a challenge. That’s why we have prepared this list of tools that every handyperson finds a dream. These are tools that can be used for your plumbing needs, fixing paintings on walls, among others.

1. Wire Cutters

You are bound to trip over wires from time to time. If you have a family living with you, there can be times when wires are cut. When wires are cut, and you need to mend them, you first need to cut them to be attached. At that point, you may need wire cutters to help you with this easy DIY. Another time that you may need wire cutters is when you’d like to extend your wires. If you can’t afford a new roll, you may opt to attach a new one. When it comes to attaching wires, you will need the cutters to clip the ends of the wires for you to attach them. You may also need the wire cutters when you want to change plugs. This is where the cutters are used to remove the coating on the wire to expose the ends to fix.

2. Adjustable Wrench

Another valuable tool to add to your toolbox has got to be an adjustable wrench. There are times where your eyes are attracted to the standard or metric wrenches that come in a set, but there may be too many to fit in a box. When you have an adjustable wrench, you have it all in one. One thing that makes the adjustable wrench a must-have is that it solves a couple of problems. First, you can use it for various plumbing needs. It doesn’t matter the size of the pipe or the need. All your plumbing needs are catered for by the adjustable wrench.

The other thing is that it can also be used for mechanical needs. When it comes to mechanical needs, it can be automotive or otherwise. For example, when you want to move your bed, you can use the wrench to remove the deadbolts. You can also use the wrench for various motor vehicle needs. For example, when you need to change your tires or tighten them, you can use the wrench. And since cars have different bolts, this wrench can be used conveniently.

3. Variable Drill Press

When you go to get a drill, the obvious option that most people think of is the standard, handheld drill. But this isn’t the right fit if you want something that can serve various drilling needs. Variable drill presses offer more control than the former. When you want o to perform your drilling precisely and quickly, you want a drill that offers control and flexibility. This is what the variable drill press offers you in the end. It can help you drill holes at variable depths.

You’ll have total control over the kind of holes that you’re looking to drill. The other good thing about the drill is that you can sand the holes at any angle you feel safe. When you’re looking for overhead garage products from E-Z Storage, you need a variable drill press to help fix it.  Your drilling needs will be a breeze with this variable press.

4. Measuring Tape

You can’t find handyman tips anywhere and fail to miss the use of measuring tapes. Regardless of what you’re building, it would help if you had a measuring tape for it to fit properly. You can also use the measuring tape when you’re moving. Before you move, and you aren’t sure if what you have will fit in the new house, you can use the measuring tape to be sure. This will save you a lot of stress trying to figure out what will fit when you have moved.

When you’re building in your home garage, you need the tape to ensure whatever it fits. For example, when building shutters for your house, you’ll need the right measurements to ensure that they fit your window. If not, they may be bigger than the window and look odd. Or, they may be small, taking away the purpose for them altogether.

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5. Wood Saw

A wood saw is something that you may never see the use for until you need it. For example, still, on shutters, you may want to build your own at home. The first option you will go for when it comes to DIY shutters is the wooden shutters. It can also be used when you need to cut down some trees or tree parts. So, other than going for rather expensive chainsaws, you can opt for the wood saw. This is something that can be used at a moment’s notice when needed. One thing you should look for is going for the wood saw that has a lifetime warranty. And that doesn’t have such isn’t worth your time one bit.

6. Hammer and Double-faced Mallet

There are various uses where a hammer isn’t the right tool, but a double-faced soft mallet is. When it comes to driving in nails, the hammer is the obvious and ideal tool to use. But to fix wooden slats requires a softer touch, and the mallet is the right tool. Both of them are a must-have for any handyman worth the time. Your toolbox should possess both for the different uses and the surfaces you need to use each. You can’t use the hammer for a softer touch, while the mallet can’t be used to drive in nails.


When you’re looking to fill your toolbox, there are various tools that you need to look at. The tools should fit every situation in the house, whether they are DIY woodworks or just minor repairs. Here are a few options that you need to have in your toolbox.

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