6 Reasons To Call A Professional To Replace Your Thermostat

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This is the age of self-help books and DIY (Do It Yourself) repair. Because of technological advancements, it is easy to go online and research how to do most things yourself. This is done mostly by those that wish to cut costs and feel like they are good enough handymen to piece the aspects of the job together themselves. Replacing a thermostat may seem like a fairly simple job, but that is far from the case. It is not as simple as connecting a few wires and nailing them to a wall. There are many factors to consider when installing or upgrading a smart thermostat system that only a qualified HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) contractor will know.

6 Reasons To Call A Professional To Replace Your Thermostat

More often than not, HVAC contractors are called in to fix incorrectly installed thermostats a lot more than they are hired to install them from the get-go. This is because the manual thermostats that used to be in place were much easier to deal with and had far fewer functions. Your furnace heater and air conditioner were controlled separately. While modern thermostats deal with all the aspects of temperature control in your home and are thus a lot more complicated than the manual thermostats that you grew up with. For those looking for a reliable HVAC contractor in your area, click on the following link https://climatecontrolkc.com/. In the meantime, this article will list the fundamental reasons why you need to hire a professional HVAC contractor to replace your thermostat.

1. Efficiency

A very good reason to have a professional install your thermostat is to ensure that the system will be functioning at maximum capacity without any issues in the long run. There are many things to consider when installing a thermostat, such as location, settings, and general wiring. If any of these things are not done correctly, it could lead to disaster. You won’t have to worry about replacing your thermostat incorrectly and you’ll be saving your time and effort if you hire a professional to do it. When choosing an HVAC contractor it is always important to ensure you are hiring a reputable company that has had stellar reviews in terms of its service.

2. Tools Of The Trade

As with any specialty job, there are specific tools that go along with it. This is not just to make the job much easier, but to ensure the job is done safely and efficiently. When you hire a professional contractor, they can acquire high-quality tools and materials needed to replace your thermostat.

3. Cutting Of Costs

One would assume that because they have decided to go the DIY route, they could cut expenses than hiring a contractor to install their HVAC system. That is not necessarily true. Not everyone has a garage fully stocked with all manner of handyman tools. Chances are, you are going to have to buy some tools to get the job done. If you fail to install the thermostat system correctly, you are still going to have to engage an HVAC technician anyways, further incurring the costs you were trying to run away from in the first place.

6 Reasons To Call A Professional To Replace Your Thermostat - AC

4. Electrical Knowledge

Basic electrical knowledge is not enough to set up a thermostat. It is obvious that the wiring in your home is dangerous. If you don’t have deep knowledge of electrical circuitry, you run the risk of blowing a fuse and doing serious harm to you and your thermostat. The modern thermostat uses a complicated system that controls the general atmosphere of your home. The precision-based electronics used are not as simple as you think.

5. Voiding Your Warranty

Your warranty doesn’t cover self-installation. If your thermostat is not installed by a professional HVAC contractor, most companies will not be held accountable for any damages incurred.

6. Location

Most people assume that they can install a thermostat in any room of their home and it will work. This is a terrible misconception. The location of the thermostat is of paramount importance to ensure the right temperature reading. When placed incorrectly, the thermostat will pick up readings that do not match the general temperature of the home. These incorrect readings are known as “ghost readings”.  These incorrect placements could be in places where the thermostat is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods, or near drafts, or is just too far away from the center of the house. These ghost readings will throw the thermostat off, causing it to turn your heating and cooling systems on and off at incorrect times, creating an unfavorable temperature in the house and resulting in a lot of wasted energy consumption. Most likely, an HVAC technician will advise on reinstalling in a situation like that.


Whilst it can’t be denied that certain aspects of your thermostat installation or repair are common sense and can be done on your own, hiring a professional can guarantee its safety and efficiency. You can rest assured knowing that the job is in the hands of someone who has the proper tools and equipment, as well as knowledge and experience.

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