6 Gifts Plumbers Would Love

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Plumbers can be life savers. They conduct a wide range of services, from installing and fixing pipes that supply water and gas, to dealing with waste management systems in homes and businesses. Apart from this, they also repair and inspect appliances for maintenance.

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With all of these, you may be interested in giving them a token of your appreciation. Gladly, there’s an array of both creative and practical gifts that you can offer them.

1. Plumber’s Shirt

A thoughtful way to express gratitude for your plumber’s hard work is to gift them a shirt. A non-iron, statement shirt is a useful and brilliant gift because it can directly be worn after it has dried up from the laundry. Likewise, shirts can literally be paired with any bottoms. Also, plumber shirts are a practical and straightforward way to draw attention from people, and allow them to know that the person works as a plumber. Perfect to reach more customers!

2. Chocolate Gift Box

You may treat your plumber with a box of sweets. Any plumber, especially if they’re also a dad, would be thrilled to bring a box of chocolates to their family. To make things more creative, you may order customized, tool-shaped candies. They’ll surely appreciate the effort!

3. Water Bottle

Drinking water is crucial to help your plumber stay focused and hydrated in their labor. Moreover, with their nature of work, plumbers may be tempted to opt for coffee instead. With this in mind, it would be great to look for a stainless steel, handy water bottle to quench their thirst. Giving them a water bottle may encourage them to drink up and make it a habit to reach for water, rather than consuming dehydrating drinks.

4. Work Gloves

Installing systems is a common service provided by a plumber. Professionals in this trade work with their hands and are often compelled to deal with hazardous tasks. Consequently, plumbers may be prone to injuries around the palm and at their fingertips. They may also acquire cuts and bruises. To make their work easier, it might be excellent to give them a good pair of working gloves. Look for ones that are adjustable and are equipped with built-in lighting. This type of gloves serves to secure their hands and help them navigate when working in dark spaces.

plumbers gloves

5. Kneeling Pad

The shock absorption and cushioning properties of a kneeling pad will protect and reduce a plumber’s back and knee pain. Most plumbers have to spend majority of their time on their knees to repair pipes or appliances that may be located in far-reached areas. For this reason, a thick, ergonomic pad can make tasks easier for them. This can be an appealing and useful gift. They would really appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

6. Tool Bag

Every plumber has a lot of tools they need to carry from one area to the next. With this, it is necessary for them to have a way to store these devices.  A spacious tool bag with multiple exterior and interior pockets can allow them to conveniently organize plumbing accessories. It would also be preferable that it’s made out of heavy-duty fabric to ensure that it will be sturdy, even on the toughest jobs.

Final Thoughts

You may wonder or get intimidated when looking for plumber-worthy gifts. Regardless, whether you decide to give your plumber a fun or useful gift, they’ll surely be touched by the thoughtful gesture.

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