5 Easy Ways To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

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Your home should be a place where you can relax your mind after a tiring day at work. If fits of allergies attack you due to indoor air pollution, then you do not have a safe and clean home. If you have an old air conditioning system at home, indoor air pollution becomes possible. Sources of pollution like pesticides, excess moisture, cleaning and maintenance products, and carbon monoxide can pollute your home.

5 Easy Ways To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

There are also allergens, pet fur, and dust that can become significant contributors to having poor air quality in your home. Air pollution can pose a serious threat to your health and your family’s. You will have peace of mind if you take the necessary steps to improve the quality of air inside your home. These five simple steps are going to make a significant difference:

Change your air filters regularly

If you or your family members have asthma or allergies, changing your AC filters every 30 days is recommended. However, changing out your filters regularly may not be an easy thing to do because it is a task that people always tend to forget. Remind yourself to clean your air filters because it can have a positive effect on your health. Having a cleaner air conditioning system can also prevent it from working harder.

Clean Your AC Vents

When changing your air filters, do not forget about your vents as well because they are as equally important as other components of your air conditioning unit. The surface of your vents can gather pet fur, dust, and debris. They can also accumulate at the entry of your ducts. You do not have to dedicate several hours to clean or vacuum your vents. With just a few minutes, you can get rid of unwanted particles and keep your air conditioning unit clean. If you have pets, consider cleaning your vents weekly to prevent buildup.
5 Easy Ways To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution - cleaning AC vents

Keep ducts clean

Do not just focus on your air filters and vents because ducts can also collect pet dander, dust, debris, pet hair, and even outdoor pollution from pesticides. If you live in an area where the climate is hot and humid, mold tends to accumulate inside your ducts. By hiring a professional HVAC maintenance contractor, you will be able to ensure that your ducts are thoroughly cleaned. You are also reducing the risk of indoor air pollution if you get your ducts cleaned regularly.

Install UV purification system

There are pathogens in the air that you may not be able to see with your naked eye. They are the main culprit of various illnesses that cause allergies, asthma, and other types of respiratory diseases. The purpose of UV filter technology is to get rid of organisms that may cause illnesses. The technology makes your home clean to keep illnesses at bay. You will not only promote clean and healthy indoor air quality but also extend the life of your air conditioner by installing UV technology.

Replace old conditioner

If you have an old AC unit, you need to replace it if it is beyond repair. You can have a ton of savings, especially on your utility bills if your unit is working efficiently. Newer models are packed with features that can limit indoor air pollution. Some of these features are UV light bacteria-killing technology, allergy filtration, and more. While you might think that unit replacement can be quite expensive, they are worth every penny because of the endless benefits they provide. You can also be sure that you and your family will breathe fresh and clean air.

Being aware of the easy steps in reducing indoor air pollution can protect you and your family’s health. Clean indoor air should be a priority of homeowners, especially if you have seniors, young children, or anyone that has respiratory issues or a weak immune system. Do not allow mold, bacteria, dust, and debris to enter your home because they can also have life-threatening effects. Call Air Conditioning Repair Rockwall companies for repair and maintenance.

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