3 Creative Ways to Sell a Damaged Property

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Sometimes you have to get creative when trying to sell a house, especially when it’s been damaged. Creative ways to sell a damaged property include making a Zillow account and listing the property as For Sale By Owner, posting the property on Craigslist, and auctioning off the property. You don’t necessarily need to fix the property before selling it. If you find the right buyer, any property can be sold, regardless of the condition. You simply have to get creative in your marketing and networking efforts.

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This article will explain how you can sell a damaged property using these three creative ideas.

Selling Damaged Property

In order to sell damaged property, you must first assess how severe the damage is. Depending upon the severity, there are a variety of ways a property can be marketed and sold. Homes that have extensive damage done to them may be best marketed on websites such as Craigslist or auctioned off, whereas properties with less damage may sell on sites such as Zillow.

Using Zillow To Sell Damaged Property

When using Zillow to sell damaged property, you should consider including in your advertisement “as is” or getting a pre-inspection done on the property so you can easily disclose all the results of the inspection report to potential buyers. Avoid making unnecessary repairs and focus on the highest priority repairs. To make the ad for the property you’re selling, use Zillow’s For Sale By Owner feature, which allows you to thoroughly disclose information about the property and provide pictures of the positives of the home as well as the damage.  Sellers can even make and post videos to Zillow accounts, and starting an account is free.

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Posting Damaged Property On Craigslist

To post a damaged property on Craigslist and still stand apart from other listings so that you can sell quickly, you should first observe other Craigslist ads and see how other properties (especially damaged ones) are being sold. This will give you a better understanding of how to compose your ad for the best success. Before posting your damaged property on Craigslist, be sure to include keywords in the footer of the ad and change your font size/colors by using a little HTML coding. Finally, be sure to post many ads of your damaged property on Craigslist, not just one.

Auctioning Off Damaged Property

Another way you can market and sell damaged property is by putting it up for auction. This can either be done on or offline by first finding an auctioning site or an auctioneer. You may do your best going through a website or auctioneer who specializes in damaged properties to increase the odds of successfully auctioning off your home.


Selling damaged property may seem daunting at first. However, there are a lot of different companies, organizations, real estate agents, auctioneers, websites, and even individual sellers who work with those who own damaged properties to provide the best selling experience possible. There are many creative ways to market a damaged property, from auctioning it off to posting it on sites like Zillow and Craigslist, etc. that can help you sell a damaged property in no time.

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