Why 1930s doors are better than most options available in the market

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2019 has been a year of traditional and nostalgic trends. From Fashion to architecture, traditional styles are as popular as modern and minimal styles. Traditional trends have become dominant because of their urban and sophisticated vibes. Restaurants and houses are increasingly being fitted out with era-oriented themes. Due to the high demand for traditional-style fixtures, the door market has also produced various option for traditional style doors. The modern products are made with advanced technology and technique, but the final product is entirely reminiscent of the past eras.

Why 1930s doors are better than most options available in the market

The Art Deco movement dominated the era of the 1930s, so when it came to houses, the movement influenced architecture greatly, including fixtures like windows and doors. The common features of doors and windows were leaded and stained glass, which made the era’s architecture different and unique. Stained glass was installed into doors in various patterns that could be geometric or imitate other designs such as leaves and flowers to portray a more lavish look. 1930s doors are perfect for adding a nostalgic feel of the era to any house.

1930s doors are decorative, infused with shapes and vibrant colors, that portray a luxurious look. During the 1930s, doors were made of solid three panels, that usually contained stained or regular glass panes. There would be a large panel on top, and three vertical panels below that panel. This style is often referred to as the “one o’er threes” because of the paneling style. The glass panes could be installed in different geometric patterns and different stains to make the doors look more lavish.

Why 1930s doors are better than most options available in the market - beautiful door

The modern rendition of 1930s doors is much lighter than the original door designs. The 1930 style internal doors are made of pitch pine, with mortise and tenon joints that make the doors safe and fit. They are produced in subdued colours to match the modern home while adding to the 1930 era theme. They are perfect for houses built based on traditional styles.

These types of doors are found in great variety, with different textures and shades of wood. The pine 1930s doors are not only made with traditional panel designs but can also be found unfinished so that you can coat the doors however seems fit to you. The doors are usually of 35 mm of thickness, and quite sturdy. The designs overall are simplistic but maintain the authentic vibe of the 1930s. They are fit for all kinds of houses, no matter what style the house is. Even a modern home’s look can be upgraded by simply adding doors from different eras. They come in a range of sizes that can be fit into different door frames. Modern 1930 style internal doors can be found in all solid panels, without glass panes, I.e. if you wish not to allow any glimpse from one room to another. The 1930 style can be extended to larger multiple door frames to give your rooms a unique and colorful flair.

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