The 8 Most Important Differences Between Steel and Composite Toe Boots

From steel toe to composite toe, safety boots come in many forms. With so many types of construction, it can be hard to choose the right boot for your work. Composite-toe boots are relatively new and were invented much later than their steel-toe counterparts. They are made from different non-metallic materials, making them lightweight, strong, [...]

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RockRooster Work Boots – The Most Comfortable and Durable Pair

When working in construction and manufacturing industries, you are required to wear the safest and most durable footwear. Unfortunately, finding a pair that will keep you protected and comfortable can be difficult. Your working boots must protect you from injuries, such as twisting your ankle and preventing objects from penetrating your shoes, such as nails, [...]

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How to Successfully Purchase the Best Work Boots Online

When it comes to shopping online for work boots, most people tend to shy away since determining the shoes’ sizing, comfort, and material, among other things can be complicated. People want to be able to see, touch and feel the boots in person before committing to purchasing them. If you're one of those people, don’t [...]

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Reasons to Invest in Good Work Boots for Your Next Renovation Project

Renovating a house involves painstaking attention to detail and hours on your feet. Give yourself an advantage by making sure you have the right work boots to get the job done. If you're on the fence about buying a new pair, keep reading to learn four good reasons why you should. Safety Safety probably isn't [...]

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Awesome Work Boots to Wear This Summer

When the warmer months of summer sets in, any clever person knows better that it’s time to look for new outfits and attire that suit the hot season. It’s obvious that you’ll automatically keep aside those really heavy coats and woolen clothes that pushed you through the winter season. It’ll be hard to become productive [...]

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Choosing Your Work Boot Insoles – What Your Feet Need

If you are working in a field that requires extensive physical activity, you might have noticed that the first thing to give away, even before the boots themselves, are the insoles. While the boots are the ones that offer traction, stability and protection, the insoles are the reason why your feet feel nice and comfortable [...]

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