How To Turn A Bowl On A Lathe From Scrap Wood?

How To Turn A Bowl On A Lathe

Most of the people, working with wood, end up having lots of scrap wood all over the workshop. Sometimes, if they are not creative enough, they end up throwing away these seemingly useless pieces. It was my routine too. Until I figured how I could turn the pieces into beautiful artifacts that everyone would admire. […]

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Robert Sorby ProEdge Plus sharpening system

Robert Sorby Pro Edge sharpening system

Wood carving and woodturning are fantastic hobbies for everyone and it is a pleasure to see how simple piece of wood becomes a work of art. In our previous articles we tought you something about Wood carving tools, something about Woodturning tools, and even How to sharpen wood carving tools. If you are a wood

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Getting Started in Woodturning

Getting started in woodturning

Getting Started in Woodturning: 18 Practical Projects & Expert Advice on Safety, Tools & Techniques book was written by woodturners for woodturners, and edited by John Kelsey. The book features, on 224 pages, beneficial information and shop-tested insights to help learners expand their journey into the art and craft of woodturning. The book covers every aspect of

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Woodturning tools

woodturning tools

Woodturning is a wonderful pastime, one of life’s pleasures and not to be missed. The turner magically and effortlessly shapes a rough piece of wood into a useful and attractive object in a matter of seconds. Woodturning is great fun and easier than it looks. It comes close to being the ideal hobby and if

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DIY mini lathe

DIY mini lathe

Woodworking lathes are almost inevitable in woodworking, woodturning and in making furniture. Lathes consist of an adjustable horizontal metal rail – the tool rest – between the material and the operator accommodates the positioning of shaping tools, which are usually hand-held. With wood, it is common practice to press and slide sandpaper against the still-spinning

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