What Are the 4 Types of Welding?

Welding is probably one of the most empowering creative fabrication techniques ever developed. The heat, the sparks, the process of manipulating some of the hardest materials—it’s no wonder that interest in it remains undying despite more than a century of practice. Because of the many projects with which you can practice welding, you will find [...]

Why Does a Welder Wear a Mask?

It's a given why welding requires personal protective equipment (or PPE). It exposes us to extreme heat, brightness, potentially hazardous materials, and more. However, have you wondered what each of them is for? Or if you can use other PPEs as an alternative for quick jobs? The Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing for Welding Here [...]

Why Do You Need a Dual Voltage Welding Machine?

There are several techniques available for welding. The most preferred technique for quality weld is MIG welding. For choosing the best MIG welder, you have to consider several factors. Such as price, the thickness of metal, duty cycle, weight, and the best dual voltage mig welder. MIG welder is highly recommended for its dual voltage [...]

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Types Of Welding Helmets

The welding helmet is the best companion and the most fundamental tool. It becomes part of the welder, because it must always be worn during work. Since the helmet should never be removed at work, the person must be comfortable and comfortable with the helmet. Choosing a welding helmet, but given each welding process, there [...]