6 Ways To Deal With Hard Water At Home

Even if you don't think about it much, hard water could impact many areas of your daily life. It’s perhaps the most often encountered water issue in households worldwide. What Is Hard Water? The hardness of water varies according to the amount of minerals in it such as calcium and magnesium. The evaporation of hard [...]

How to get the water for your farm?

Farmland is the foundation for any successful farm, and the first step to having a solid farm is to have access to water. The location of your farmland is extremely important as it determines the cost and accessibility you have to water. Some types of farms are completely dependent on irrigation systems for survival. They [...]

How Clean is your Tap Water

Bacteria could be hiding in your pipes and find their home in your drinking water It’s a common misconception that bottled mineral water is better for you than your home’s tap water. However, evidence to support the claim is thin on the ground - chemical analyses found a near-identical mineral profile when comparing bottled water [...]