How to Remove Mold from Your Front Loader

Amongst washing machines, the front load variety leads the competition. They are reputed for being gentle on clothes while being quiet and efficient in their operation. Simultaneously, they are notorious for accruing nasty mold and mildew. They clean clothes well but allows mold to thrive on their detergent residue and moisture. You can easily recognize [...]

The most essential home appliances

Today people lead a very hectic life. Whether you are a man or a woman, you spend your days juggling between office and home. So when you manage to get some free time, you simply don’t want to waste time doing some household chores. Nowadays, a number of appliances are available in the market which [...]

How to clean a smelly washing machine

Have you ever opened your washing machine and realized that the smell inside is awful and that your freshly washed laundry smells awful? Don't panic, a smelly washing machine is very common thing and the problem can be easily fixed. The smell comes from bacteria and mold inside your washer. Unfortunately after the wash cycle [...]

Washing machine guide

Washing machine is an integral part of every household and it is very important to have good and reliable washing machine, especially if you have kids. Nowadays it is getting harder and harder to choose a washing machine because new models come out daily and the number of manufacturers are growing every year. If you [...]

How to repair washing machine

Washing machines are essential part of every home and it is very important to have a functional washing machine at all times. If you have kids then you know that your washing machine is doing at least one load of laundry (if not two or three) every day. If your washing machine stops, the repair [...]