How to Remove Mold from Your Front Loader

Amongst washing machines, the front load variety leads the competition. They are reputed for being gentle on clothes while being quiet and efficient in their operation. Simultaneously, they are notorious for accruing nasty mold and mildew. They clean clothes well but allows mold to thrive on their detergent residue and moisture. You can easily recognize [...]

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How to Add Precious Years to Your Washing Machine’s Lifespan

There’s a silent appliance killer in your pipes right now. It’s called limescale and it’s the product of hard water. And it’s affecting your appliances as we speak. If you live in an area where hard water is common, you might’ve noticed certain things. Do you often see white spots on your dishes? What about [...]

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How to extend lifespan of major appliances

Major appliances cost a lot of money and nobody can argue that. Because of that, our main goal is to keep them running efficiently as long as possible. Don't trust those who make you believe that the lifespan of an appliance matches the time of warranty. Well maintained and serviced appliances can last for 10 [...]

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