3 garden trends we expect to see boom in 2022

Every new gardening year seems to come with a new set of garden trends for enthusiasts to keep up with. Staying well-informed about the latest of these trends can be difficult, especially if you are only a casual gardener. For seasoned professionals and newly initiated green thumbs alike, we have listed the three garden trends [...]

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Top 4 Gardening Trends

This year’s global pandemic may have forced us to spend more time at home than we would have preferred, but has also encouraged us to revisit passions and hobbies we’ve long neglected. From crafting to gardening, people are looking for solace in their own private spaces.  Gardening is therapeutic and satisfying. That feeling of growing [...]

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Trends 2020/2021: 5 trends of imm Cologne Exhibition

We want to live better: more comfortable, more stylish, more efficient, more colorful, smarter and greener. Imm Cologne experts name the most important trends observed at the exhibition. Sustainable and rustic design An increasing number of people are trying to change their behaviour as consumers in order to move towards a sustainable society. Their decisions, [...]

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5 Awesome Kitchen Design Trends for Summer 2020

Kitchen is the most important part of the house. Everybody uses it as it is not only the place to cook but also a great spot to hang out with your family and friends. That’s why your kitchen should stay eye-catching and functional at the same time. Making changes in the house can be really [...]

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5 Awesome home decor Trends for Summer 2020

Every single season brings a new approach and unusual ideas to interior design. The fashionable interiors will include plants, modern furniture and round-shaped decorations. This article is going to show you five awesome home decor trends for 2020' Summer. What colors will be popular in the Summer of 2020? This will be the Summer of [...]

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Best Home Improvement Trends and Ideas For 2020

With the coming of the new decade, the home designing had to change as well, as it is constantly adjusting due to people's different preferences and to the periodical trends that define our culture. After plenty of consultations with home design professionals and builders in Essex, quizzes inquiring home improvement ideas, and countless of research, [...]

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What Are Job Relocation Trends In The US

When it comes to job relocation trends in the US, there are a few facts to consider. First, it should be mentioned that less Americans are having to relocate for employment, much of that being thanks to more opportunities for people to work remotely. Yet that's not the only factor in play. Unemployment is at [...]

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