A complete guide to pruning and trimming trees

Pruning and trimming are landscaping techniques used to make yards look well maintained and beautiful. These methods also help gardening enthusiasts from picking up the leaves shed during the dormant seasons. Pruning ensures that the trees have lesser chances to decay, die, and be removed. Regular trimming guarantees health and promotes the growth of your [...]

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How To Landscape Around Trees And Shrubs

The trees and shrubs on your garden or lawn are key features that need attention when it comes to landscaping. Although they are already playing important roles such as providing well-needed shade, improving air quality, and providing refuge for animals, special attention should be given to the areas around their trunks. These parts are usually [...]

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What are the Trees to Plant in Northern California?

For many Americans who’ve never visited California, the mental image goes something as follows: Los Angeles glitz, Beverly Hills Glam, Hollywood starlight, surfing, the Golden Gate Bridge, a few earthquakes here and there, and maybe—just maybe—the occasional sequoioideae. By getting a California LLC, you can also start your own business. Sequoioideae is the botanical term [...]

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Taking Proper Care of Your Trees

Your trees deserve just as much attention as your plants do. While young plants do require more care until they can support themselves, your trees will also continue to need support as they keep growing. You will have the same set of concerns dealing with trees that you will have with plants and that includes [...]

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How To Hire A Tree Service

Why do you really need a  tree service? Well,  consider this, working on trees is time-consuming and in addition to this, there are so many risks involved. Regardless of your DIY expertise, you don't want to risk damaging your property or injuring people. The best you can do is hire an experienced tree service company, [...]

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Tree Trimming 101: 8 Tips for Homeowners

You and your family live in your dream house. It has the white picket fence, amazingly green lawn, and tall trees; everything you could ask for. But as a homeowner, these things don't just remain in immaculate shape. You need to maintain your trees, or else risk an unkempt yard and safety hazards. In this article, we'll [...]

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