One of the basic gardening chores that a garden or allotment owner must perform from time to time is pruning trees and shrubs. Most species of trees and shrubs require regular pruning for good growth, flowering, or fruiting. Each plant species requires a suitable time of pruning (see tree and shrub pruning calendar). The weather [...]

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The Benefits of Trimming Trees

Most people are aware of the primary benefits of tree trimming – it can help improve the appearance of your yard, make your trees healthier, and keep them from damaging your property. But did you know that there are many other benefits to regular tree trimming? So read on to learn more about why tree [...]

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7 Signs Your Trees Need Pruning

As a property owner and a tree lover, you're probably an expert on taking good care of trees. They are one of the most significant plants on earth. Trees store carbon, provide us with oxygen, hold the soil, and provide habitat to wildlife. EPM Iowa says proper care is the only way to ease the [...]

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Six Ways To Keep Your Trees Healthy

There's nothing quite like the beauty of a healthy, lush tree. If you're lucky enough to have your yard or garden, why not put in some trees? But what happens when things go wrong, and they get sick? While it can be daunting at first, there are several simple and inexpensive ways that you can [...]

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Need an Arborist? Here’s How To Hire One

Pruning, watering, mulching, and feeding young trees are just a few of the critical tree care procedures that a homeowner can perform. Some of these duties, particularly pruning, become more difficult and possibly dangerous as trees get older and larger. Professional arborists can assist homeowners with the correct care of their trees from the moment [...]

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Do Trees Grow Back After Being Cut Down?

Many people have trees in their gardens and landscapes, but most of them don’t know whether trees grow after being cut down or not. The answer to this question is that they may grow or may not grow. It depends on the type of tree that is being cut and the required conditions for their [...]

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