The Stylish and Space-Efficient Phenomenon of Wall-Hung Toilets

Living smaller may equal using a small-sized bathroom. But that doesn’t mean that any small room in your sweet home has to make you feel awkward and uncomfy. As a matter of fact, there’s a multitude of hacks that can visually transform your tiny bathroom into the one that feels breathtakingly spacious. In this post, [...]

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How To Change Toilet Fill Valve

A toilet is a very essential plumbing product. The flushing system is the most essential part of a toilet. Nothing is more embarrassing than finding out that the flush is not working after using the toilet. this can happen due to the fill valve of the flush. A fill valve controls the flow of water [...]

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The Top 3 Most Common Toilet Problems

The toilet is an important fixture in any home and being able to keep it in proper working condition is a must. A busted shower is an inconvenience but one that can be worked around and you can also find a temporary solution to a broken kitchen sink, said the plumbing experts at If [...]

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Must Know Steps When Installing a Composting Toilet

There are many steps and precautions that must be taken when installing a composting toilet. When going on a picnic, or to that long-awaited camp trip, portable toilets are your best option. In general, portable toilets are very hygienic, have a sufficient amount of design created to make it durable, and are effortless to install. [...]

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