Why Is Some Tap Water Safe To Drink And Some Isn’t? Find Out Here

Tap water that is safe for you to drink has the same quality standards as bottled water. And, in most areas of the world, it's actually much more closely monitored than bottled water. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If your area of the world doesn't have high enough safety standards or if [...]

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How Clean is your Tap Water

Bacteria could be hiding in your pipes and find their home in your drinking water It’s a common misconception that bottled mineral water is better for you than your home’s tap water. However, evidence to support the claim is thin on the ground - chemical analyses found a near-identical mineral profile when comparing bottled water [...]

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Why Does My Tap Water Smell bad?

Most people don’t spend much time thinking about the smell of their water. It’s assumed that water doesn’t have a smell. In fact, it does. In many cases your water has a chemical smell, this is a result of the chemicals added at the treatment plant. Chlorine is added to kill bacteria and other organisms [...]

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