How to Properly Maintain Your Biltright Turf

Whether you are thinking of installing artificial grass on your patio or putting a synthetic edging on your garden, you are going to want to know about the maintenance involved. From infill and primary backings to turf maintenance and grass care, this article will help you understand how to maintain your synthetic lawn. Synthetic vs. [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Installing Synthetic Grass for Your Lawn

For many individuals, their home is their castle. They want to have features both outside and inside that will encourage words of appreciation from anyone who sees them. That’s true of friends, neighbors, relatives, and any random person who walks or drives by. A home’s lawn is undoubtedly one of the most critical features. If [...]

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Caring for Your Synthetic Turf

A lot goes into creating and caring for natural lawns, so much that it can be overwhelming for the average owner to mow, weed, fertilize, and properly maintain them. However, artificial synthetic grass materials present the option of having a clean and soft-looking lawn without comparatively lower maintenance requirements. If, like many other homeowners, you [...]

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