Effective Ways to Keep Heat Out of Your Home This Summer

Few places are more uncomfortable than a home that’s been overtaken by sweltering summer heat. So, if you’re based in an area that’s known for extreme summer weather, home cooling should be job one. Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways to minimize the amount of summer heat that finds its way into your [...]

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4 Ways to Keep Your Greenhouse Cool in Summer

Summers can be challenging! Not only for you but also for your greenhouse plants. The temperature inside your greenhouse can often be several degrees higher than the environment around. This could be quite suffocating for the plants and may not be conducive to their proper growth. Are you thinking of different ways to use a [...]

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13 Repairs you need to Make at Home this Summer

When summer rolls around, you may think of barbeques, the beach, and engaging in more outside activities, but one thing many people forget to consider is essential home repairs. Check out 13 home repairs you should consider making this summer. 1.Repair or Replace Water-Stained Ceilings If you’ve had a roof leak recently, you may start [...]

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4 Reasons why Warm Weather Affects Your AC & Ways To Prep Your AC For Summer

Summer is slowly creeping in, and we all know how exhausting it gets working during those hot days. Well, your AC feels the same way. Just like you, your air conditioner has to apply more energy during summer to keep the house cool. Sometimes, when working hard to produce more energy your AC can break [...]

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What Are the Best Summer Upgrades For a Home

We all deserve the comforts of a well-designed and aesthetic home. However, keeping our homes looking wonderful all year round can be time-consuming and costly so people often find reasons to postpone their home upgrade. If you have been thinking about upgrades for your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor space, then keep reading for some great [...]

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