Why Choose Portable Steel Buildings?

Portable buildings are an affordable and convenient solution for when someone needs a space for something that is temporary, like a residential space, storage space, toilet, and shower facility, and even for a formal office unit. Otherwise, portable steel buildings can be used to make entire workspaces to work on projects of woodworking, welding, gardening, [...]

5 Things to Consider Before Installing a Steel Staircase

A steel staircase is manufactured from galvanized steel, which is coated with zinc to protect against corrosion. Steel staircases come in a myriad of styles including standard straight, custom straight, loft and even outdoor stairs. They are very common in commercial buildings and other high-traffic environments. If you are thinking of installing a steel staircase, [...]

The Benefits of Building a Steel-Framed House

Steel structures have several added advantages as compared to the other raw materials' structures. Whether it's the price point or the durability factor, steel scores way higher than the other contemporary materials like wood, cement, etc. All these factors are responsible for its sale and popularity among builders as well as homeowners. You can check [...]

Custom Steel Forging Advantages

The process of steel forging dates back to the 12th century. From all the metalworking processes, steel forging is one of the oldest ones. From the 12th century till now, this process has evolved on many levels. Back then, primitive techniques were used to provide the product. But today, this process is done with sophisticated [...]

Are steel homes cheaper to build?

Metal has always been used in construction but, until recently, it was mainly used in industrial applications. However, many builders and people who want to complete self-build projects, have realized that metal is more than just a viable option. It’s actually a really good alternative to traditional building materials. The Cost Many elements of a [...]

8 Reasons Your Windows Need Steel

In the building industry, you will find various types of materials used in windows. However, steel is the best material. If you pick any industrial magazine, you can see that steel is now widespread. Compared to other building materials, steel is not only clean and sleek looking but also secure. For instance, it is three [...]

The top 5 steel buildings in the world

Steel is a very reliable building material. There are many structures that were built using steel in the twentieth century and they are still stable to this date. In fact, more structures are being put up using this material. This is because steel can last for more than 50 years without wearing out. Besides that, [...]