What is a Solar Generator and How Does it Work

Everybody knows that one cannot survive without electrical power. Literally, everything from lighting in our houses, to mobile phone batteries require some sort of electrical charge or current. Today, you can stumble upon portable generators that were developed to help people when they cannot find an electrical outlet. In these types of situations, these generators [...]

Why Choose Solar Energy in 2021

The Sun is undoubtedly our strongest power source. Although we can catch only a percentage of this energy, by using solar power and making the most out of this energy source we can make a significant difference for the globe. The dominant energy source for expanding homes has become solar energy, thanks to solar panel [...]

3 Reasons Why Renewable Energy Sources Are the Future of Energy

Over the years, the strengthened awareness regarding increasing pollution, dwindling resources, and the skyrocketing price of fossil fuels has motivated and driven an increased investment and interest in renewable energy resources. The effects of global warming can already be experienced in our day-to-day lives. While we cannot overcome our dependence on energy, what we can [...]

How Do Solar Panels Work?

We know the sun provides one of the most powerful energy sources and we know they're cost effective but how do solar panels work? Global warming is on the rise and the cost of electricity is soaring. Solar panels are a great way to cut costs and help the environment at the same time. By [...]