The Rise of Smart Kitchen Appliances in 2023 – What You Should Know

How Smart Kitchens Are Revolutionizing The Kitchen Space Smart kitchen appliances is a phrase that is becoming more and more prevalent in kitchens up and down the country with many people integrating smart systems and technologies into their homes over the traditional type of domestic appliances. The age of technology is now upon us and [...]

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Things to Look for in Security Cameras & Networks to Power a Smart Home

What is a Smart Home? A smart home is a residence that is equipped with technology to remotely control and automate various household systems and appliances. This includes things like lighting, heating and cooling, security, and entertainment systems. Smart home technology allows you to use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to control these systems and [...]

Custom Home Building With Smart Home Trends

The custom home building industry is constantly evolving with the latest trends in technology and this past year is no exception. As a result, custom home builders began using these new technologies to make their customers' custom homebuilding process easier. These technologies also change the home dynamic and how homeowners interact with their homes. We'll [...]

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