How Secure Are Smart Locks?

Smart locks have established a new home security experience by providing high-tech features and capabilities. As such, you’ll find that they far exceed the classic locks when it comes to functionality. While the functionality sounds impressive, there is still the question of how secure smart locks are. Let’s explore its safety aspect and other relevant [...]

Advantages of Having a Smart Home

Various technological innovations paved the way for the emergence of smart homes that more and more people are now delving into. In a gist, transforming your home into a smart one entails the need for automation which proves to have numerous benefits. In line with this, some of the advantages of having a smart home [...]

Smart Security Systems

If you are in need of a security system for any type of smart system-- such as security cameras, CCTV Systems, Access Control system, or any form of security alarm system-- then you are going to be seeking a company that has experience and knowledge in the security system industry. You will be needing a [...]

Coolest Home Automation Gadgets

Every homeowner dreams of having a smart home. A connected home makes life more convenient, safe and accessible. Imagine having control of all the appliances in your house at your fingertips. The future is already here. With a home automation system, you can speak to your home through a smart device or a remote control. [...]

Best Energy Savings App

If you have a smart home then you most definitely need an energy savings app. On the market you can find numerous paid and free energy savings apps. Most of free apps are limited and they give you only minimum functions but there are some fully functional free apps like Home Selfe. HomeSelfe is a [...]

Benefits to owning a smart home

A smart home has items that can be controlled remotely using an app or Wi-Fi. Nowadays, the smart home is not just limited to the smart locks and smart security. You can now have a smart bathroom, smart power, and smart monitoring among other smart devices you can use at your home. In most cases, [...]