Best Shower Buying Guide

Showers are basic fixtures that are very important for any bathroom. These fixtures provide freshness and warmth to your body and soul as it gives a soothing effect of rainfall while you have your relaxing bath. These days, there are many types of  shower manufacturer available that provide shower heads that vary in shapes, sizes, [...]

15 Steam Shower Installation Tips

Before installing steam showers, you should be aware of the optimum way to get satisfactory results. Here are 15 tips to help you set up your next shower: 1. Don't Exceed a Ceiling Height of Eight Feet The maximum ceiling height of a steam shower should be eight feet. Otherwise, you'll need to install a [...]

Benefits to Owning a Handheld Shower Head

Both handheld and mounted shower heads have their unique advantages, but more people are now switching from the conventional shower set up to handheld units to maximize their shower experience. If you have been using the traditionally fixed shower head and are considering venturing out to see what all the fuss is about with these [...]