It’s Time to Buy Some Baler Twine!

Entering into your hay harvesting season? Now’s the time to buy some baler twine. With various options available, it’s helpful to know which one is the best pick for your crop. Baler twine is useful for binding hay or straw into a more compact, easily stacked form for storage. It could very well turn out [...]

DIY Tire Chair

Old tires are in abundance everywhere and we all change the tires on our cars every winter and spring. So, why not reuse those old tires for some fantastic DIY projects like this beautiful DIY tire chair. Tires are great to work with and they are probably the best material to start off your DIY [...]

How to replace broken starter rope

You finally decided to take care of your lawn, you have the will-power and when you try to fire up your grass trimmer the starter rope brakes! Don't quit now, it is time for a simple DIY repair and you will be back trimming your lawn in under half an hour. There is no need to [...]

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