How to Prevent Costly Repairs by Spotting Early-Stage Roof Damage

Every homeowner knows that a roof replacement can be one of the most expensive home repairs. But what if you could spot early-stage roof damage before it becomes a serious problem? Knowing how to identify and address small issues before they become big problems can save you time and money in the long run. In [...]

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True Blue Homes Explains How to Inspect Your Roof Like a Pro

Travis Hale, owner of True Blue Homes of Kentucky, talks about how having your roof inspected regularly can save you thousands of dollars in preventative maintenance. Roofing inspections, like the ones True Blue Homes perform, are not as extensive as a roofing overhaul, but they can give you some clues as to what needs to be [...]

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Viewing Houses? Don’t Forget to Check the Roof

Choosing a new house means viewings, viewings, and still more viewings. Before you find all these home inspections passing in a blur that leaves only fleeting impressions, set up a checklist where you can record your impressions of homes you might be thinking of buying. Apart from interior basics like whether it has enough bedrooms, [...]

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What You Should Know About Roof Inspections

Having a roof over your head is more than just having a place to live in. You have to ensure your actual roof is maintained correctly and consistently in good condition. Your roof is the first line of protection against the weather elements, whether it’s high winds coming through your location or precipitation in the [...]

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