How to Take Care of Pests in Your Rental Properties: Who Is Responsible for What?

When you’re a landlord, one of your top priorities is ensuring that your rental properties are in good condition for your tenants, including taking care of any pest control issues. This blog post will discuss who is responsible for pest control in a rental property and what you can do to fix it before calling [...]

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10 Ways to Boost Rental Property Curb Appeal on a Budget

Are you a landlord looking for ways to increase rental income and your property’s appeal? We've got some of the best economically-friendly solutions for you. Boosting curb appeal is key to attracting quality tenants, according to experts from Professional Property Management of Northern Virginia. This article explores 10 ways to boost rental property curb appeal [...]

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Tips For Decorating Vacation Rentals / Short-Term Rentals

Besides price, one of the things clients look out for when selecting a short-term rental is the décor. They try to imagine themselves in the space and determine if they'll feel comfortable there. As a short-term rental business owner, you might want to spice up your properties a little. This will have them looking welcoming [...]

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Own A Rental Property? Here Are Some Tips To Ensure Customer Happiness

Rental properties make a great investment. You can rent out your property and it pays for itself, most of the time. It's like having a second paycheck that you don't have to do any work for! However, how can you ensure your renters stay happy?  Keeping your tenants happy means they will be willing to [...]

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Does Your Rental Property Need Repairs? Here Are 3 Options To Sell As Is

Whatever type of rental property you have, including single-family houses, detached homes, vacation homes, rowhouses, townhouses, or luxury properties targeting high-end renters, there comes a point when they deteriorate. When your rental property ages, the repair cost can be far more expensive than owning a privately-occupied residential property. While you may have some sort of lease [...]

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Rental Property Management Tips and Tricks from the Experts

How you envision your business succeeding depends on the systems you have in place. When you have the appropriate systems behind your business, you can focus on refining and expanding your rental process. So, how does one become a better property manager? You can become an excellent property manager when you understand which skills to [...]

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What to Do if a Tenant Damages Rental Property in Ontario

Every landlord’s nightmare is a tenant that destroys their property either during their stay or during eviction. Pet owning tenants are more likely to cause damage to rental property. Dog damage to rental property is a common complaint. Sometimes, tenants become hostile during an eviction and may rip up the place or steal appliances. The [...]

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How to ensure you get the highest rent out of your property

Owning a property is an achievement that most of us dream of. But again, having a rental property without tenants is a slap in the face for your real estate business. An empty rental implies lost income and the only way to resolve it is by getting qualified tenants. Not all tenants are good and [...]

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Top Tips for Investing in Homes or Rental Property

You must have heard people say that real estate investment is quite profiting and sound. There are several wealthy people to support this fact, as most of them will have some sort of real estate investment company. However, it is true that just like any other type of investment, it is always better to be [...]

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