How to Get Rid of Mice and Rats

Rodents such as mice and rats have been an ever-present nuisance for humans for as long as we can remember. The problem has become even greater since we formed densely populated and large cities, as the abundance of thrown away food and places to hide has increased so has the pest population. There are many [...]

How to identify rat droppings

Rats are a major health hazard. They bring disease, and they can carry parasites like fleas. You want to know if they’re present so they can be dealt with. However, they’re rarely going to be seen running across your kitchen or garage. Yet you may be able to identify them by what they leave behind [...]

Summer Pest Prevention

Summer has arrived and people want to relish this warm weather and the smell of the season by hosting barbeque parties with family and friends. But, nothing ruins a garden picnic like a line of ants and a barbeque party like a swarm of mosquitoes. Also, there is a slight fear when children and adults [...]