How Far Can They Pump Concrete?

Concrete pumping is the process of transportation of the freshly mixed cement from a  container to the desired place where concrete is needed at the construction site. You can use this method where a large amount of concrete is required, usually at greater heights or when other ways of transporting the cement are not possible. [...]

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An Easy Guide To Choosing The Right Pump For Your Specific Needs

When it comes to choosing the best pumps for your business or personal needs, you want something that will be durable and reliable. The following guide can help with this decision by providing many high-quality pump options available on today's market. Is The Pump For Industrial Use? If you plan to use the pump for [...]

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Can I Run My Well Pump With a Generator?

Well pumps are a reliable source of getting water for most houses, especially commercial farms, and large residential areas. Typically, the pump needs electric power to rotate its motor to bring up water from the ground. That’s why it is crucial to supply electric power to keep the pump running. Otherwise, you have to pass [...]

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When Getting a Jacuzzi or A Hot Tub, Don’t Forget the Pumps

We’ve all heard the name Jacuzzi before, but then we have also heard the name Whirlpool too. Sometimes people can get the two confused. But were here to tell you, these are both different descriptions for the same thing. However sometimes, with some models and brand types, you may find a few differences between them. [...]

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How Submersible Pumps Work: Submersible Pump Advantages and Disadvantages

A submersible pump is useful to pump and move liquids from one point to another.  The motor of the pump is sealed and close-coupled to the pump body.  It pushes the water to the surface with speed. The enclosure around the engine is waterproof and filled with oil to prevent rust and short circuits. The [...]

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How to Prime a Water Pump

A water pump is one of the most useful tools in any home. As you know, without water, you may not survive for long. However, it is possible that you can turn your water pump off for longer periods especially during the winter season. As a result, the water pump will have low pressure, therefore, [...]

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