4 tips to make your luxury property more appealing to the market

With today’s online resources, many properties are listed with tempting pictures and videos, however, when it comes to the luxury property market, buyers still prefer to deal with a real estate agent to help them make the decision. A luxury property is one with high-end finishes, designs, and architecture and it always has spectacular views [...]

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Five Crucial Areas that Determine Your Property’s Value

Whether you are selling, looking to buy a new family home, or acquiring an investment property, the property value is always relevant to your asset portfolio, even if you never plan to move or sell. Owning property can increase your lending power and your ability to invest in other financial opportunities making it easier to [...]

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Home Improvement Tips to Increase Your Property Value

So you’re thinking about selling your home for a bigger or more central one in the future? Well, then it’s high time to make some adjustment here and there to increase its value. First off, you should first research the current value of housing in your area to avoid being disappointed at what price you [...]

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5 Little Things That Will Help Raise Your Home’s Value

There are many things you can do to raise your home’s property value. They don’t need to be anything too big or too complicated. Even the smallest, simplest things can make a huge difference. More often than not, it’s all about presentation and how the potential buyers will feel when they walk through your doors. [...]

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Major Renovation Projects That Will Definitely Increase Your Property’s Value

There are many benefits to renovating your home, including added comfort, more space for you and your family, and an increase in the property’s value. If you choose the right renovations and complete them to a high standard, the extra value they can add to your home can far surpass the money that you spent [...]

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5 sure-fire ways how one can bring more accuracy in the property valuation

Property valuation requires a certain level of expertise. You can check for yourself that people having less experience is real estate tends to appraise a property based on its interiors and exteriors only. But, of course, this is what the real estate agency wants. However, with experience, and proper understanding of all the factors affecting [...]

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How You Can Purchase a Property below Market Value

It would be the dream of those purchasing property to own a piece of real estate at below-market valuations.  There are certain occurrences that enable such an action and it would be wise to enumerate them below. 1.    A down turn in the economy Most economies of the world go through phases of strength as [...]

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Four simple ways to add value to your property

Home owners are always very conscious about maintaining their properties and increasing their values. The reality is, that in order to do this you spend a considerable amount of time working and doing projects on your house, firstly to ensure that it doesn’t fall into a state of disrepair and secondly to try and find [...]

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