Handy Lock Maintenance Tips

There is nothing worse than being locked outside your home or car on a cold, rainy day or night. Luckily, there is an emergency locksmith service in your area that will immediately send over a nearby mobile locksmith to your rescue 24/7, day or night. If you want to learn how to prevent this scenario, [...]

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How To Choose The Best Lock For You

According to data from alarms.org, in 27% of home burglary cases, the homeowner is home. Additionally, a burglary occurs every 25 seconds. Burglars are attracted to homes that do not have a home security system installed. The odds of such a home falling victim to a burglary attempt are 300% higher compared to a home [...]

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Home Security 101: Should You Replace Or Rekey Locks?

When it comes to home security, your lock is your first line of defense. Whether you’re moving into your new home or you want to upgrade your locks, it’s best to determine the difference between replacing and rekeying locks. Typically, most homeowners opt to replace locks instead of rekeying. Although there’s nothing wrong with replacing [...]

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How Secure Are Smart Locks?

Smart locks have established a new home security experience by providing high-tech features and capabilities. As such, you’ll find that they far exceed the classic locks when it comes to functionality. While the functionality sounds impressive, there is still the question of how secure smart locks are. Let’s explore its safety aspect and other relevant [...]

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