What lighting is best for the dining room?

There’s more to lighting a dining room than most people realize. Most people consider a room’s aesthetics and forget how light affects its ambiance. While most people are comfortable with lighting their dining space with basic light fixtures, taking it a step further and adding better lighting fixtures can help make the place aesthetically pleasing, [...]

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The Benefits of Using LED Lights

The modern alternative of traditional light bulbs, LED lights offer the most modern solution for lighting a room. With many people switching their incandescent or halogen bulbs to LED bulbs for a longer-lasting, more sustainable lighting solution. To explain why LED bulbs have become so popular, both with commercial and domestic users, here are the [...]

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EL Wire Flash Rope Cable

EL Wire Flash Rope Cable LED Red is a flexible and water resistant cable that can be bent into any shape and cut into any length. Whether you are looking for the perfect night light, Christmas lights for inside your home, or even a commercial application like an outdoor sign outside of your store - [...]

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Fairybell lights

Fairybell Christmas lights are the perfect way to light up your home during the holidays. There are a lot of colors and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect lights to complement your holiday decor. It’s important to have the right kind of lights for the holidays. This ensures the right ambiance for [...]

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8 Top Tips for Home Exterior Lighting Installation in Salem, VA!

As the nights start to draw in, now is the time to think about your exterior lighting. With a few well-placed lights, you can not only make your home more attractive and inviting, but also much safer too. Here are our top tips for getting the best home exterior lighting installation in Salem, VA. Think [...]

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4 Common Home Lighting Mistakes And How To Address Them

Lighting your home is more than just about running to the hardware store, choosing anything at random, having them installed, and then voila—you’ve got a perfectly lit home!  However, in reality, there's a lot more thought process that goes into it, both covering the aesthetic elements and functionality as well. Lighting matters a lot in [...]

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4 Tips For Installing Downlights

Recessed lights, also known as downlights or can lights, are a wonderful way to illuminate your place. They provide a clean look and help keep the ceiling uncluttered and unbroken. Moreover, installing downlights is a great way to add light to rooms without adding bulk to the ceiling. Though downlights are ideal for contemporary spaces, [...]

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