A Comprehensive Review Of Slicing Knife vs. Carving Knife

You might be wondering whether you need a slicing or carving knife to add to your knife arsenal if you already have a chef's knife. Both slicing and carving knives might not be your everyday knives, but they'll come in handy whenever you’re out on a big game hunting expedition. Typically, these knives are thinner [...]

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What You Should Know About Japanese Knives

Regardless of the cuisine, the knife is the most most important tool for any chef. Many professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts swear by Japanese kitchen knives. The best pieces are crafted using the same forging and grinding processes as those used to make traditional samurai swords centuries ago. Over 90% of all knives used by [...]

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What to Look For When Buying a Knife Set

Kitchen knives are important tools in your modern or traditional kitchen. You can use them for cutting, slicing, boning, chopping, peeling and dicing food during the preparation process. However, kitchen knives are not all made equal. In order to dice and slice faster through your recipe, you need to have the right kitchen knife set. [...]

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How to sharpen kitchen knives

Many of us would like to sharpen kitchen knives but this is not possible because of lack of an idea on what to do. There are sure few techniques you could apply to do the job, but in most cases some of those you know about are not as reliable and useful. One of the [...]

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