Signs of a pest invasion in your property

It’s not always immediately obvious when a pest has invaded your home. Some pests create loads of mess and noise that anyone would be able to identify, but others can lie in the shadows, waiting to strike. Luckily, you can usually identify you have a pest control problem and even narrow down which pest you [...]

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How to get rid of roaches naturally 

Having roaches in your home is not a pleasant experience. These nasty insects cause allergies, trigger asthma attacks, spread various kinds of bacteria, and, to be honest, they simply look gross. The first thing you probably want to do when you see a cockroach walking around your bathroom or kitchen is to grab a bottle [...]

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How to Kill Termites in Your Home: A Complete Guide

Do you suspect termites are gnawing at your furniture and walls? If you do, you better act fast. These tiny bugs can cause significant damage to your home. According to the NPMA, termites cause well over $5 billion worth of property damages per year! Don't know how to kill termites or determine if you have [...]

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What’s That Scratching Sound? 5 Signs You Have a Mouse in Your House

Every winter, around 21 million homes get a mice infestation as the rodents start to look for a warm place, food, and water. No one wants uninvited house guests especially rodents that can damage your home. If you hear scratching noises or just wondering if you have mice, it's important to address this infestation as [...]

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Brisbane Property Buyers Encouraged to Undertake Pest Control

Termite damage has come out as a prime concern for house buyers, according to new research released by the property industry. Any sign of termite activity, even if it doesn't affect the structure or integrity of a building, could deter potential purchasers, says the report. Figures showed that 74 percent of people surveyed wouldn’t buy [...]

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