5 Qualities Of A Good Architect You Need To Remember

Architecture is a field that integrates art and science in proportionate balance. It’s an artistic approach to optimizing space that’s aesthetically pleasing, structurally stable, and environmentally sustainable. Architects for home extensions are usually professionally licensed and recognized by organizations, such as the American Institute of Architects and the Royal Institute of British Architects. They vary [...]

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A Guide to Sourcing the Best Builder for your New Build

We all know how stressful organizing a new build can be, what with architects, planning permissions and then, of course, comes the unenviable task of finding a good local builder, which can seem like an impossible thing to achieve. While you could submit your plans to several local construction companies and ask them to quote [...]

Are steel homes cheaper to build?

Metal has always been used in construction but, until recently, it was mainly used in industrial applications. However, many builders and people who want to complete self-build projects, have realized that metal is more than just a viable option. It’s actually a really good alternative to traditional building materials. The Cost Many elements of a [...]

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The importance of proper budgeting when building your first home

Experts claim that most people have extremely poor money management skills and therefore they are unable to achieve their goals in life. If you are planning to build your first home and you are poor in time and money management, it might be really challenging to achieve your dream home. Budgeting is an integral part [...]